What to do When Your House is Looking Tired


If your house is starting to look a little worn around the edges, then it might be time to make some changes.  Don’t allow it to continue falling into disrepair, now’s the time to jump into action and start sprucing! Here are a few simple ideas for what to do when your house is looking a little tired.

Here are some things you can do to spruce up a home that's looking a little tired or worn out!

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Pinpoint the Trouble Spots

First of all, you need to pinpoint the areas that could use some work. Before you get started with any renovation projects, you need to figure out exactly what you dislike about the current state of your home.

Go from room to room and make a list of things that need some help. Are the baseboards in rough shape? Would a fresh coat of paint make all the difference? Once you start jotting down the issues that are bothering you, you might find that the task before you isn’t quite as overwhelming as you imagined.

Sometimes, a full-scale renovation isn’t necessary to breathe new life into a tired house. Your house might simply require a few small changes that can make a massive difference.

But if you’re feeling liking you’re living in a “Love it or List it” scenario, it might be time to see what else is out there.

Maybe it’s time to move on, and this is a decision that you’ll want to make sooner rather than later. Don’t waste your time renovating if the problem is simply that your family has outgrown its home or that the neighbourhood isn’t as friendly as you thought. You might want to rent a whole unit in a better location. That would give you the opportunity to start again and create a better home for the whole family.

Whatever your situation, the point is that you need to assess and think objectively. If you think there’s a way forward for your humble abode, then read on!


Add Personal Touches 

A great way to improve a worn-out home is to make it feel cozy and personal again. Add some blankets or candles, or get proper frames for some of the kiddo’s artwork. You should also put up plenty of photographs to really remind you that this home belongs to you and your family. Create a gallery wall in your dining room or staircase.

I’m always amazed at what a fresh coat of paint can accomplish. And try not to play it safe with boring neutrals. Be a little bold and choose a real colour! It will brighten up the mood of the house. If you’re not sure about using a bright colour on the walls, try painting a door instead. It’s a quick project with great results.

Add some fun drapes and throw cushions for pops of personality and colour. I’m always fairly disappointed with the selection of drapes I find at local shops. They’re always so boring. In our master bedroom I actually purchased two tablecloths with a beautiful bird pattern and added tabs to the top! It was way cheaper than buying pre-made curtains too! You can see them in this post.



One of the best ways to spruce up a tired home is to get rid of clutter.  Even the most neglected and unappealing house might only need a few minor improvements to massively overhaul the interior design of the place.

Clearing out the space is one of the simplest ways to make a big improvement to a house.

Whether you live in a huge mansion or a tiny cottage, clutter ruins the aesthetic of a home. It also makes you feel claustrophobic and uncomfortable. A cluttered house leads to a cluttered mind, so it might be time to get rid of your old belongings. Once you do that, you’ll really open up the space in your household and you might realize that your home is not so bad!

I’ve been on a major decluttering kick lately and it has made me see my home in a whole new light! I cleaned and purged like it was my job (well it kind of was!) in order to get our house ready to sell. And now that it’s listed I’m looking around thinking it’s not actually so bad after all! Clearing off all the flat surfaces made the hugest difference!

Also, vacuuming up all the glitter doesn’t hurt either! 😀

Clearing out the clutter in your home can really breathe new life into it!

Curb Appeal

You can’t neglect the exterior design of your house either. If your home is looking a little sad, then you need to fix up its outer appearance as well as its inner appearance. First impressions really do count. You need to feel as if you’re being welcomed into your home as you approach the front door.

Small details can have a powerful effect, so focus on the little things in your front yard. Plant some flowers on either side of the path leading up to the front entrance. You might even want to DIY a wreath or floral arrangement to hang on the front door. 

I’m an absolutely hopeless gardener. I just don’t enjoy it. But since I’ve been trying to make this house look it’s best I decided to plant a few flowers in a little bed by the front door. Me and the boys made a fun activity out of it. I let them pick out all the flowers and they loved it. They helped me plant and call them their ‘flower babies’. It was a fun thing for us to do and it makes the house so much more welcoming!

The tiny details really do affect the big picture, inside and out, so don’t dismiss the importance of small exterior renovation projects. It’ll have a positive impact on the overall appearance and vibe of your house. Fix up any trim or siding that is in rough shape. Add a nice welcome mat and brighten up your civic numbers.

All of these little changes will be worth doing whether you decide to love it or list it!


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