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9 Easy Ways For Busy Moms to Practice Self Care

“Self care” is kind of a hot topic for me.  Maybe because it’s such an on-trend concept these days and everybody’s talking about it that I kind of cringe when I hear the term.  It makes me crazy when I see recommendations of “get enough sleep” and “exercise” paraded around as elements of self care.  Those things are actually basic necessities of life. They’re non-negotiable.  Sleeping, eating, movement, are all things I would drop dead without.  To me those things don’t constitute self care.  They constitute survival.

To me, practicing self care is totally essential but also optional.  Here are my 9 simple self care ideas for adding a little calmness into your jam-packed schedule. Self care is the sanity saver portion of motherhood.  And none of my suggestions involve getting more sleep.

As moms, we are busy and we are tired and we hardly ever take time for ourselves. It's hard to imagine finding any time to incorporate self care into our busy schedules. So here are 9 SIMPLE self care ideas to help you unwind and refuel so you can be your best self for your family. These self care ideas for moms will help put a little spring back in your step!


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Self care is essential because you can’t drive on an empty tank.  If we don’t find a way to do the things that feed our soul or lift our spirits then we very well may get lost in the struggles of Motherhood.

If our cup is empty, we won’t be able to pour into our families.  It’s that simple and that hard.

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