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16 Kid-Friendly Last Minute Lunch Ideas

last minute lunch ideas for kids

Coming up with kid-friendly lunch ideas has got to be one of my most dreaded tasks. I tend to count on having leftovers, but sometimes the fridge is bare. And I worry that I’m giving my kids too much bread because that’s the go-to when we’re scrambling for ideas. But I’ve been testing out some new ideas and I’ve come across a few winners for last minute lunch ideas!

Do you often struggle coming up with lunch ideas that will suit your busy day and your child's tastes? Me too. Here is a list of kid-friendly lunch ideas that are healthful and quick to make. When lunch time hits we are often cranky and need some quick nutrition. These last minute lunch ideas will satisfy and fuel the rest of your day!

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I’ve found that what works great for my 3yo is to put a big selection of finger foods on a segmented plate and he picks away at it. Usually he eats it all. So I’ll give him a ‘main’ like a banana wrap or pizza wheel, then supplement with a handful of grape tomatoes or berries and a string cheese.

Segmented Elephant Plate perfect for kid's meals!


Plates like these are great because that way none of the foods touch each other. Toddler moms will understand. 😛

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