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5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Garden Space for Children

5 Tips for Creating The Perfect garden space for children

Having an incredible garden for your kids gives them somewhere to learn and grow (Ha! Pun intended!). Not only does a garden look beautiful and spark the imagination, it can teach them so much about plants and crawly critters, and gives them some freedom to play and do what they like. I really believe in having adequate green space for my boys to explore. It’s one of the reasons we are planning a move soon, our yard isn’t quite cutting it anymore. Below, are 5 tips for creating the perfect garden for your kiddos!

5 Tips for Creating The Perfect garden space for children

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  1. Create Different Sections For Different Activities

If you want to create a gorgeous garden for your kids, then you should divide into different sections for different activities. This works well if you have a larger garden and the space to section it off. For example, you can have one section for gardening, one section as a play area, one as a lounging area and so on.

My boys love their sandbox, we could not have a garden without it. In fact, when we were discussing renovating our kitchen, my 4yo suggested putting a sandbox in it. lol! Their sandbox isn’t fancy, it’s just 4 boards nailed together in a rectangle and filled with play sand. But they could dig in there for hours, they love having a section of the garden that’s just for them!

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