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65 Free Baby Shower Printables

65 Free Baby Shower Printables to throw an adorable party! Free printables for baby shower.

Throwing a baby shower can be a lot of work, even if you’re more than happy to do it. A baby shower can really help mom feel special and loved, which is just what she needs when expecting a new baby! These darling free baby shower printables will help make the task a lot easier. And the games will add a whole lotta fun!

This is the first post in a week-long series of DIY baby shower posts! Keep checking back for lots more fun & freebies in the coming days!

65 Free Baby Shower Printables for throwing an adorable party! Free printables include baby shower invitations, games and decor. These free printables for baby shower include woodland themes, nautical themes and both boy and girl color schemes. Free baby shower games add a lot of fun and laughs to the party! Make a new mama feel special and loved by showering her with attention.

Free Baby Shower Printables

I have personally vetted every single one of these printables. They are all totally free and totally adorable.

I clicked through every one of them to make sure none of the links were broken or redirected to something else.

I get so frustrated when I see a cute picture on Pinterest only to have it redirect to some sketchy website. There’s none of that nonsense happening here! (If for some reason a link doesn’t work, drop me a line and I’ll fix it!)



Nowadays most parties seem to get turned into a Facebook event with electronic invites. But an actual paper invitation is such a thoughtful addition to the party. Especially for grandparents who may not be on Facebook and would like a little keepsake from the occasion.

Shower With Love editable invitation

Baby & Co invitations in Tiffany blue with matching decor

Neutral DIY Invite

Floral & Feathers Invitations

It’s A Boy Shower Invites

Oh Baby Invites with variations

Super cute free baby shower invitation. Free printable baby shower invite for cute party!


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