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Easy Crochet Baby Blanket Tutorial with Free Pattern

Simple crochet blanket tutorial. Make a beautiful blanket for a precious little loved one.

I have several friends who are expecting babies in the next few weeks. I’ve been madly sewing and crafting so I can have a nice homemade baby gift for each of them! I made 2 little quilts (my first ever and I think a success!) and now I’ve just finished this easy crochet baby blanket.

I made crochet blankets for both older siblings of this new baby, so of course I have to make one for him too! (Any excuse to craft, amirite?!)

Easy crochet baby blanket tutorial with free pattern. A sweet and simple colour blocked cozy blanket. An adorable DIY crochet baby blanket for your new little one or as a great baby shower gift! Quick and easy DIY baby blanket & free pattern.


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I had originally found a photo and pattern for this blanket on another site, but once I had made one of the triangles I realized there were some major problems with the pattern and the triangles would never fit together properly!

So with much trial and error (I think I re-made the first triangle 4 times before I got it right) I came up with this pattern myself and I thought I would share it!

I love to crochet, it is super relaxing for me because it’s totally different from the other kinds of crafting I do for my job. So it’s a fun diversion. My husband often looks at me and says “Are you making that for fun or for work? I can never tell!” Haha, silly husband! Crochet is always fun for me!

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45+ DIY Baby Shower Gift Ideas

DIY teethers are a great idea for baby shower gifts! 45+ DIY baby shower gift ideas

If you’ve been following along in this DIY Baby Shower Series, we started with 60+ free baby shower printables and we’ve also covered DIY baby shower favors & prizes. Today’s topic is DIY baby shower gift ideas! These are all either free tutorials or come with free patterns. Either way, the only expense to you will be in materials. I tried to pick DIYs that didn’t look too complicated, because often we’re not given a whole lot of notice for a baby shower!

I’ve been having lots of fun putting these posts together and I hope you are enjoying them too! I’m still at an age where lots of my friends are having babies, so I’ve got a few more showers to plan before I’m off the hook.

45+ DIY Baby Shower Gift Ideas for new moms. DIY baby leggings, baby booties, bandana bibs and much more. This great round-up post is full of free patterns and tutorials for adorable DIY baby gifts that mom and babe are sure to treasure for years to come!

A homemade gift is a really sweet way of letting a friend know that you’ve been thinking about them and that you care about them. Creating something from scratch takes time and thought and it is usually met with tears of appreciation. (Pregnancy hormones probably contribute a little to the weepiness, but feel free to take the credit anyway! Lol)

Here are my best picks for some adorable tutorials for diy baby shower gifts.

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