17 Sites with Fun and Free Hand Embroidery Patterns

A gorgeous collection of free hand embroidery patterns! Check out this round up of 18 websites that are full of beautiful and free pattern downloads for hand embroidery and cross stitch. Stunning floral embroidery patterns and adorably cute cross stitch.


Hand embroidery is my jam. I incorporate it as much as I can into my work, and it’s my craft of choice for personal projects too. There’s something so therapeutic about proceeding one stitch at a time and watching your creation come together slowly. If there’s any way I can hand-stitch something, I will. I even love binding quilts by hand! I’ve seen so many gorgeous free hand embroidery patterns out there that I wanted to round them up into one place for easy reference. There are some seriously talented pattern makers in internet land!

A gorgeous collection of free hand embroidery patterns! Check out this round up of 17 websites that are full of beautiful and free pattern downloads for hand embroidery and cross stitch. Stunning floral embroidery patterns and adorably cute cross stitch.


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Most of these sites have many more free hand embroidery patterns than the ones I’ve pictured here. Some sites you have to dig around a bit to find the free hand embroidery patterns, others have them nicely grouped on a single page. And a few sites you have to sign up to get access to the patterns.

But all the patterns pictured in this post are totally free! Many of the pattern makers also have more complex patterns for sale. But it’s really nice to have so many free options.

Free Hand Embroidery Patterns

Just click on the name of the site to locate the patterns.

Flamingo Toes

Obviously, I love the use of felt in the terrarium embroidery!

Free embroidery patterns on Flamingo Toes

Cutesy Crafts

Those embroidered necklaces are perfection!

Find lots of free embroidery patterns on these websites!


Stitch Floral

This site has several totally gorgeous floral embroidery patterns. Those poppies are calling my name!

So many pretty floral embroidery patterns for free.


Purl Soho

Purl Soho has loads of free tutorials and patterns for sewing, knitting, crochet and embroidery. It’s a rabbit hole that’s hard to come out of!

Loads of free patterns for knitting, sewing, crochet and embroidery



There are pages and pages and pages of free hand embroidery patterns on the DMC website. They have them subcategorized into cross stitch patterns and embroidery patterns. You’ll definitely find something to strike your fancy there!

DMC Cross Stitch:

Free cross stitch patterns

DMC Embroidery:

Free embroidery patterns from DMC


CozyBlue Handmade

CozyBlue designs some of the sweetest patterns I’ve ever seen. She also has an embroidery kit subscription that I’m planning to tell my husband I want for Christmas!

Pretty free embroidery patterns for download


Wild Olive

You’ll have to do a lot of scrolling on the Wild Olive site to find the free hand embroidery patterns. But it’ll be worth your time for sure! She has sooo many super cute designs!

Super cute free embroidery patterns from Wild Olive


Country Living

Country living only has cross stitch patterns, but they’re very sweet!

Adorable free cross stitch patterns from Country Living. Free for download.


Ugly Duckling House

This site has some great tips for designing your own embroidery patterns!

Pretty and free embroidery patterns for download


Stitch People

I love the little pixelated people that Stitch People designs, I’m pretty sure she does custom work as well.

Free cross stitch patterns for Christmas, Halloween and other holidays!


Lolli and Grace

This site only has a few patterns available, but I had to include it because of this stunning fern leaf design!

Gorgeous fern embroidery pattern for free download


Down Grapevine Lane

I WILL be making the ‘Love without reason’ embroidery. For sure. It’s just so pretty!

Super sweet embroidery patterns for free download. Flower embroidery patterns


Adventures in Making

This site mainly has embroidery designs incorporated into other crafty projects. I love the heart sampler though!

Cute tutorials with embroidery. Free craft project ideas


Swoodson Says

A lot of the ideas on this site are kid-friendly. Wouldn’t the snowflake hoop be a great afternoon craft to do with your big/little ones?

Cute stitching projects for kids


Sew French Cross Stitch

These are more traditional designs, they’d be very sweet embroidered on a set of napkins!

Adorable traditional cross stitch patterns for free download


The Spruce Crafts

There are a ton of project ideas on this site plus some helpful how-to posts. The veggie sampler is awesome, no?!

Adorable free embroidery patterns for download


There you have it, the top 17 sites I’ve found containing a huge assortment of free hand embroidery patterns.

Which one will you try first? 🙂




  1. Hello Laura,
    I’m a 70 year old who has just begun embroidering again after 50 years and am enjoying it immensely. I have finished 5 sets of pillowcases since April and find it so relaxing. Thanks for your list of sources. I will check these out. God Bless.

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