Pros and Cons of Being a Work at Home Mom

Working from home is a dream many moms aspire to. Here are a few pros and cons to consider.


Being a work at home mom is appealing for lots of reasons, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is an easy option. While working from home is a dream for many moms, the reality may be a little different than expected.

Working from home is a dream many moms aspire to. Here are a few pros and cons to consider.

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Having the option to work from home is something that many moms strive for. Even if you work in an industry that makes homeworking possible, some employers may be reluctant to offer it to their staff. Worries about productivity and managing staff from a distance are typically the major concerns for employers. However, nowadays more employees are pushing for flexible working options to help get a better balance between their home life and work life.

The difficulty in finding work from home jobs is something that drives many moms to set up on their own home business, but what is it like to be a work at home mom?

The Pros

The biggest ‘pro’ of being a work at home mom is the flexibility it provides.

If you are a self-employed work at home mom, you have the opportunity to set your working hours; this means that there is more scope to fit your work around school runs and soccer practice, etc.

If one of your kids is sick, it can sometimes be a bit of a nightmare to find someone to care for them if you need to be in the office. This is where working at home comes in handy, as there’s no need to worry about finding someone willing to look after a sick child.

Working from home means that your commute to work is probably going from your bedroom to your desk! Saving time on travel means less time wasted in traffic queues and more time to be productive.


The Cons


It can be tough to concentrate and get on with your work if you have small children at home with you. As lovely as it is to have them at home with you, sometimes mommy needs to get on with her work! Organizing some child care such as Montessori Daycare or even a babysitter can help you have some time each week to focus solely on your work.

A disadvantage of working from home when you have kids is that there’s no escape from all the chores. Seeing that mountain of laundry that’s just waiting to be done is so distracting, and can leave you feeling a bit stressed when you can see that there are chores to be done and you are trying to focus on work too.

Working from home can be a little lonely at times. If you are trying to juggle working and looking after the kids, you may find yourself desperate for some adult company and miss the social side of being in a work environment. However, this can be remedied by joining activities such as book groups and meeting up with other moms from time to time.


These are just a few points to consider when it comes to being a work at home mom. Every family dynamic is different and what is right for one mom would not work for another.

I love the flexibility it affords me. When the boys are sick or have appointments, or when someone needs to be home to meet the cable guy, I can manage it. Working from home works very well with our lifestyle.

What about you? What do you love/hate about working from home?


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