Legos and Trains are No Match for the Libman Dust Mop

Is the mess in your kiddo's room getting out of control? Is it impossible to clean the floors due to the massive quantities of blocks, legos, train tracks or tiny dolls? The incredible Libman dust mop will totally solve that problem for you!



Lego. It has taken over my house in a big way in the last couple of months. Our general rule for containing the mess is that no lego or duplo or train tracks are allowed on the main floor, they must remain upstairs in the boys’ rooms. I opt not to stress out about the mess if it’s out of sight. Which is all well and good until it’s time to vacuum the bedrooms. Which is essentially impossible considering all the tiny pieces of lego. So it’s a good thing I discovered the Libman dust mop!

Is the mess in your kiddo's room getting out of control? Is it impossible to clean the floors due to the massive quantities of blocks, legos, train tracks or tiny dolls? The incredible Libman dust mop will totally solve that problem for you!

Trying to tidy up all the vehicles, blocks and building supplies before I can clean the floors would easily add an hour to the chore. I’m a very busy mama and I don’t have an extra hour to spare for cleaning. Not to mention the fact that every single lego construction is precious and must not be disturbed or altered in any way for fear of my children never speaking to me again. Ugh.

Vacuuming their rooms is nearly impossible since there are tiny little pieces of lego hidden in every corner and crevice and woe to me should I accidentally suck one up.

Sweeping is pretty much pointless since it just stirs up the dust and settles it elsewhere. Plus there’s not enough floor space to actually sweep up a pile and use a dust pan.

Anyone else have a kid’s room that looks like this?! #pleasedon’tjudgeme #we’remakingmemoriesorsomething

Please tell me your kid's room looks this messy too?!

Not being one to give up when a situation gets tough, I’ve become determined to solve this problem. The boys’ rooms don’t get filthy since they’re not allowed to have food or messy toys up there. It’s just dust and fluff that collects. And with our forced air heat system, I’ve been battling the dust monster all over the house!

Time to Shop!

When was the last time you shopped for a broom? Yeah I can’t remember either. Since the world is coming up with new-fangled gizmos everyday, I figured maybe the trusty old broom has evolved into something else by now! So off to Canadian Tire we went!

Found the section we were looking for and had no idea there would be so many different types of brooms. I guess I’ve been living under a rock for a while…

Anyway, the boys were immediately drawn to the lime green Libman dust mop. “Mommy this one!” (They couldn’t stop stroking it! lol)

Now I’ve never heard of a ‘dust mop’ before (is that just a fancy phrase for ‘broom’?) but upon closer inspection it turns out the lime green cleaning pad is made of microfibre and the dust, dirt and pet hair just sticks to it! No traditional sweeping required. Sold!

Shopping at Canadian Tire for a new Libman dust mop!

I also grabbed an upright dustpan so I can feel super fancy when I’m sweeping desiccated macaroni off the dining room floor! Haha! (The dust mop doesn’t require a dust pan, I just wanted one so I don’t have to crouch over when I’m tidying the kitchen and dining room floors.)

If you’ve read any of my money-saving posts, then you’ll know I’m a firm believer in coupons. So of course I have to tell you that you can score a $3 off coupon for Libman products by signing up to their newsletter!

Libman Microfibre Dust Mop and Upright Dustpan


The Verdict

So does the Libman dust mop live up the hype? Yup, it sure does!

I didn’t pick up any of the toys off the floor and I just kind of shoved everything around a bit as I mopped. The microfibre tentacles really did pick up all the dust and fuzz! And I could easily reach under furniture and train bridges with the 360 swivel feature.

Plus it glides across the floor really easily for quick cleaning. Which is the only kind of cleaning I can tolerate!

(If legos and small toys aren’t an issue in your house and you’re looking for a deeper scrub, I recommend the Libman Wonder Mop! It also contains microfibre for grabbing hold of the dirt and can be machine washed! Win!)

The Libman dust mop can easily clean under train bridges and bookcases!

I just shoved the toys around a bit to collect up all the dust!

A little quality control inspection of the new libman dust mop

the Libman dust mop easily glides across the floor for quick cleaning!

This dust mop comes with a special tool that combs out the tentacles of any debris. Then you just remove the pad with the push of a button and either rinse it out or toss it in the wash. Easy peasy!

Just push a button to remove the dust pad for easy washing

Wanting to be thorough and practice a little teamwork, the boys also tested out the new dustpan. They proceeded to ‘clean’ for the next hour! If I had known it would be such a hit I would have gotten them each a mop for their birthdays instead of more toys!

Together they are unstoppable!

Lego? No Problem!

I’m super satisfied with the results I got from this Libman dust mop. Cleaning the top floor used to feel so overwhelming because everything would have to be picked up first. Now I can easily remove all the dust and hair off the floors and out from behind doors and under furniture without it taking hours!

I love that this mop has a washable pad so I’m not contributing anything extra to the landfill. I’m trying to be mindful of the amount of waste we produce.

So what do you think? Would you give this mop a try? 🙂



  1. Looks like the boys had fun with the mop as well! This would be great for cleaning up the dog hair that hinds under the furniture. 🙂

  2. This is an amazing broom! I have three little guys and truthfully put off cleaning or sweeping the floors sometimes because I just don’t want to pick up the thousands of tiny lego pieces! Love that it is machine washable and that you can “push” around the toys and still get the floor clean!

    1. I’m all about making things easier! The legos are going to get dumped out again about 30 seconds after I’ve picked them up so there’s really no point. Shoving them around for the win!

  3. Girl!! I need this in my life. We are surrounded by legos, trains and soon much more. I’ve been wanting to find a better cleaning tool that will be super effective because I just don’t have a lot of time.

    1. I hear ya! I’m low on time too and the little free time I do have, I don’t want to spend cleaning! In about 5 minutes I had the bedroom floors dust-free!

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