30 Journal Prompts for Moms Who Want to Live Their Best Life

30 journal prompts for moms who are ready to live their best lives! Dig deep with these soul-searching questions about life, relationships and your biggest dreams. Plus grab a free printable to tuck into your journal!


I’ve been doing a lot of self-reflection lately. A little dreaming, a little soul-searching, a little evaluating of my life in general. I want to figure out if I’m living my best life or not. And WHY I’m not, if that’s the case. Where are the limitations coming from? What is making me believe that my dreams are out of reach? How can I make daily changes that will help me reach my long term goals? That kind of stuff. I know, it’s heavy stuff. But at the end of it all, I want to be able to look back on my life and know that I did everything in my power to lead an amazing life. Here are some thought-provoking journal prompts for moms to get us all started.

30 journal prompts for moms who are ready to live their best lives! Dig deep with these soul-searching questions about life, relationships and your biggest dreams. Plus grab a free printable to tuck into your journal!

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I initially composed a list of 30 journal prompts for moms in this post. They are still totally valid questions and a great place to start. But I feel ready to dig a little deeper and I challenge you to do the same.

Grab the free printables from both posts here:

Are You Living Your Best Life?

Are you thriving in life or do you feel stuck in a rut?

For too many years I had this baseline feeling of disappointment that stayed with me. Disappointment that THIS was my life. That this life was everything I had always wanted, but it turns out it was actually kind of a let down. And then of course the crushing guilt about feeling disappointed. Lol. Motherhood is one crazy emotional roller coaster!

I don’t have those same sad feelings anymore, I’m in a pretty good place most days. But I can’t help wondering if life could be even better. It took a few years to crawl out of the crushing darkness, and now I’m starting to see that dreaming is good and dreams are attainable! So what’s holding me back from being the best version of myself and enjoying all the good things in life? I’m ready to figure it out.

These journal prompts for moms are just a jumping off point. Feel free to take a prompt or a thought and run with it. Expand on it, brainstorm ways to solve problems, dig deep and figure some shit out!

Pretty Journals for Deep Thoughts

A girl can only own so many journals. (Or so my husband tells me while staring at our bursting bookcase!)

But shopping for pretty journals and notebooks is one of my favourite things! I looove walking through Chapters and stroking all the pretty books, is that weird? Haha

So I’m just gonna round up these gorgeous books and leave them here so I can live vicariously. *sigh*

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30 (More) Journal Prompts for Moms

These prompts cover a wide array of topics, from relationships to home life to mom life and big dreams.

So crack open that journal and get ready for some soul searching! Here we go!

  1. If time and money were limitless, what would you be doing with your life?  In a cave painting watercolours? In a seaside villa drinking cocktails? On a mountain top doing yoga?
  2. What were your passions before you had kids? Have they changed or do they still interest you? (The passions, not the children, :P)
  3. What do you wish you had more time for? Would you travel or dance or play legos with the kiddos?
  4. Brainstorm some ways to find 20-30 minds a day or a couple hours a week to pursue an interest. Is there anyone you can ask to babysit every Thursday night? Can you do a babysitting swap with another mom? Excuses are not allowed, find a way!
  5. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go? Would you visit or live there permanently?
  6. What do you love about being a sahm or a work-outside-the-home mom? Basically what do you love about your current work/life situation whatever that may look like for you?
  7. Ditto what do you dislike about your work/life situation?
  8. What mundane task do you hate the most? Brainstorm some ways to outsource this task. E.g. Consider a food box service like Hellofresh ($40 off using this link) or investing in a Roomba (that’s one of my dreams!) or asking your significant other to be in charge of laundry folding. Perhaps you need a VA to help you answer emails. Stuff like that.
  9. When are you most likely to send texts to your significant other? When you are happy or when you are struggling? Reflect on what kind of texts you are sending and what effect they might be having on your relationship.
  10. Are you genuinely happy when your significant other or other close family/friend succeeds in life? Why or why not?
  11. Do you ever feel jealous towards your significant other? What effect is that having on your relationship?
  12. What do you miss about the person you were before you had kids? Motherhood changes us in a number of ways. Is there anything you miss about your pre-kid self?
  13. What are your big time dreams? The ones that feel almost impossible? Singing on Broadway? Hiking across Antarctica?
  14. Does your mind feel clear? Do you make time for shutting off the noise and processing your emotions?
  15. Do you deal with life’s big emotions by over-eating, over-spending or another form of excess? Ponder that one and what your triggers are.
  16. What do you feel the most guilt about? Moms are notorious for being weighted down by guilt. What kind of guilt plagues you?
  17. Do you have family members you’re at odds with? What happened and what is preventing a reconciliation?
  18. How is your relationship with your in laws?
  19. Do you and your significant other communicate well? Are there certain topics you struggle with?
  20. Do you find ways to give back and contribute to your community? Do you volunteer your time or support causes?
  21. Are you as social as you’d like to be? Do you feel like your need to converse with other adults is being met sufficiently?
  22. Should you challenge your introvert/extrovert tendencies about socialization? Challenge yourself to step outside your comfort zone. For an introvert that could be participating more in group conversations. For an extrovert, quieting down and allowing the introverts a moment of sharing. It’s a thought.
  23. Do you feel understood as an introvert/extrovert? Do your close family and friends understand your boundaries and tendencies?
  24. Are you respectful of the introvert/extrovert tendencies of others?
  25. Do you feel like your mental health is under control?
  26. What are your strategies for maintaining mom-sanity in your day to day?
  27. Are there people you wish you had more time for? Friends you’ve lost touch with? Brainstorm simple ways to connect and let them know you’re thinking of them.
  28. Does your home feel peaceful or chaotic? Is your home a source of comfort or does it feel out of control?
  29. What’s your favourite thing about your home? List another 5 things about your home you are grateful for.
  30. What’s one (realistic) thing you wish was different about your home? Come up with a (realistic) plan for changing it.


I’ve created a beautiful free printable that you can print and tuck into your journal for daily reference and reflection. It comes with the printable from the first 30 journal prompts for moms that I wrote. 🙂

I hope these prompts really help you learn a little more about yourself and what you want out of life. We all deserve happiness and for our dreams to come true!

Happy journaling!

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