Fun Fall Family Activities

Last weekend I decided to put on my supermom cape and attempt a couple fun fall-themed activities with the kids.  And it was actually a success!  The kids were happy and didn’t fight and we all had fun!  I can hardly believe it myself.  We did an autumn tree craft and decorated some monster rice krispies treats.

Looking for an easy halloween themed activity to do with the kiddos?! How about decorating rice krispie monster treats? :)

I had the boys help me make the rice krispie treats the day before, they both looove helping with anything in the kitchen.  I had to muster up all my patience though as they tossed the marshmallows into the pot One. At. A. Time. *deep breaths*

Fall Family Fun

The next day, my brother, sister in law and nieces came over to join in the fun of making candy monsters!

I bought different colours of melting chocolate and sprinkles and some candy eye balls and gel icing.  I stuck candy sticks into the rice krispie squares to make them easier for the little ones to manage.

Fun Halloween Activities for Kids

I melted the chocolate in the microwave, 20 seconds at a time and stirring frequently.  I put the sprinkles in plastic drinking glasses and gave everyone a sheet of wax paper.

Easy Halloween Activity for Kids

Then we all had loads of fun dipping the treats into the melted chocolate followed by sprinkles.  We added eyeballs and grimaces/smiles.

How to decorate Halloween treats with kids

Halloween Monster Treats - Fun Activity for Kids

The finished monsters were laid to dry on the sheets of waxed paper.  It only took about 30-40 minutes for the chocolate to set.

Fun Halloween Activity

I will admit that this isn’t a totally original idea…I saw a similar photo of monster treats on Pinterest.  😛

We also did this super easy autumn tree craft:

Fall Craft for Kids

We had a great weekend doing these simple fall-themed activities!

Do you have any fun activities you do for Halloween or Thanksgiving?



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