DIY Patchwork Baby Blanket – 2 Hour Sewing Project

Sew a super cozy patchwork baby blanket in just 2 hours. Use 4 fat quarters and some minky fabric for this simple baby quilt tutorial. Learn how to sew this easy patchwork blanket with this free tutorial. This adorable baby quilt would be a great baby shower gift.


This bundle of fat quarters arrived this month in my subscription from Stacked Fabric Company. I instantly went all squealy and excited when I opened the package, because they’re so cute! I decided to use these 4 fat quarters to make a simple DIY patchwork baby blanket for my nephew for Christmas. His bedroom is kind of an animal meets lumberjack theme, so I figure these tribal prints will fit right in! I’ve seen him bury his face into fuzzy blankets, so I think the soft minky fabric I used on the back will be a hit. 🙂

Sew a super cozy patchwork baby blanket in just 2 hours. Use 4 fat quarters and some minky fabric for this simple baby quilt tutorial. Learn how to sew this easy patchwork blanket with this free tutorial. This adorable baby quilt would be a great baby shower gift.


Start to finish, this DIY baby blanket took me about 2 hours. It’s nice to be able to finish a project in one sitting! That’s practically unheard of among crafters who typically have about 84 unfinished projects lying around at any one time!

A word on my fabric subscription. It’s like crack for crafters, I’m totally addicted! Every month I get 4 coordinating fat quarter quilting cottons. It’s a mystery bundle so I never know what’s coming, which is literally half the fun. It’s the absolute best mail! Stacked Fabric Company is Canadian owned and operated by the sweetest lady. (Who is not compensating me for singing her praises by the way, I just reallllly love this company!)

Ok, carrying on.

There really isn’t much to this DIY patchwork baby blanket, I kept it super simple. So the instructions are also pretty basic. If you have a fair knowledge of sewing, you should be fine!

Gather Materials

Gather up your materials for this DIY baby blanket


You will need:
4 fat quarters
1 yard of minky fabric
1-1.5 yards of lightweight woven fusible interfacing.
Matching thread
A few episodes of Friends loaded on your iPad. 🙂

Double check the width of the interfacing before you purchase. Mine was only 75cm, so I needed to get 1.25 meters in length.

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Cut each fat quarter into 4 squares, 9″x9″. You’ll have a little strip of leftover fabric you can add to your overflowing scrap bin!

Cut the fat quarters into 9" squares

Sewing Up a DIY Patchwork Baby Blanket

Now you’ll sew 4 strips of 4 squares, using a 1/4″ seam allowance.

Arrange the squares so that none of the patterns will end up matching up with each other when the blanket is assembled.

Press all your seams open.

Sew the strips together making sure to line up all your seams.

Press all your seams open.

Carefully iron the fusible interfacing to the patchwork baby blanket top. I used a press cloth for this, you probably should too.

(My press cloth is just a piece of cotton fabric with finished edges.)

Trim away any excess interfacing.

Use lightweight fusible interfacing on your patchwork baby blanket top

Let me tell you, while I’m totally in love with these fabrics, they were crazy difficult to photograph! 😛

Put your patchwork top and minky fabric right sides together. Pin the heck out of them. And then pin some more.

Trim away any excess minky.

Note about minky fabric. I’ve never used it before and it turns out there’s a bit of a learning curve! So maybe purchase a little extra that you can practice with. It was shifty stuff and didn’t feed through the machine very well.

Sew around the blanket, leaving a gap of a few inches on one side.

Trim the corners and flip the blanket right side out. Pin the gap closed

Carefully topstitch along the edge of the blanket, about 1/8 of a inch in if you can. Close up the gap by topstitching.

At this point you could add some quilting to the blanket. All I did was stitch in the ditch of the 2 centre seams to tack the minky in place.

That’s it!

Super simple, right?! But oh so cute and cozy!

DIY Patchwork baby blanket using 4 fat quarters. A simple tutorial for a great baby shower gift!


Cute patchwork baby blanket tutorial. You only need about 2 hours to complete this simple DIY sewing project!

An adorable and super cozy patchwork baby blanket tutorial. This simple sewing project only requires 4 fat quarters and 2 hours to complete!

A simple DIY baby blanket tutorial. This sewing project only takes about 2 hours to complete! This patchwork baby blanket would be a great baby shower gift.

How to sew a baby blanket. This simple DIY patchwork baby blanket can be completed in 2 hours!

Once my nephew gets his hands on it, I’ll try to snap a couple of pictures. He is seriously the cutest kid you’ll ever see. (Except for my boys of course. lol)

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What have you been crafting lately? Tell me in the comments, I love knowing what my fellow makers are making!



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