DIY Felt Flower Hair Clips – With Free Pattern

DIY Felt flower hair clip tutorial with free pattern download. Learn how to make this pretty rolled felt flowers with this simple tutorial. Download the free pattern to make these adorable felt flower hair clips. Easy felt flower tutorial. DIY felt flowers are such a pretty accessory!


Felt flowers are kind of my thing. I love any excuse to craft some pretty florals, but I’m starting to run out of places in my house to put them! Unfortunately my boys aren’t too keen to wear felt flowers in their hair, so instead I thought I would start sharing some DIY felt flower tutorials here instead!

DIY Felt flower hair clip tutorial with free pattern download. Learn how to make this pretty rolled felt flowers with this simple tutorial. Download the free pattern to make these adorable felt flower hair clips. Easy felt flower tutorial. DIY felt flowers are such a pretty accessory!

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This is my first DIY felt flower tutorial on The Yellow Birdhouse. Hopefully the first of many actually!

I love designing new patterns, and sharing them is fun!

This cute flower is really easy to assemble, the hardest part is cutting it out. But I’ve got lots of tips for you. 🙂

This is a great beginner-level DIY felt flower tutorial.

What You Need

8″x 8″ piece of felt for the flower
2″ x 5″ piece of felt for the leaves
Alligator clip (I get mine at Michaels)
Wilton’s Flower Stamens (optional)
Hot Glue Gun – Surebonder is the best for making felt flowers
Quilter’s Freezer Paper (optional)
Free Flower Pattern – Just click to download

Easy felt flower tutorial for making hair clips. Rolled DIY Felt Flower

Notes on Materials:

I have tried so many different types of alligator clips and I always come back to the ones at Michaels. They are good quality and have teeth so they are less likely to slip out.

The stamens are optional but I think they really add a lot of character to this flower. I purchased mine on Amazon, but I later realized I could have gotten them down the street at Bulk Barn. Lol. They are meant for cake decorating but they are NOT edible.

Surebonder glue guns are really the best for making felt florals. This one has a very fine tip so you won’t end up with globs of glue oozing all over your pretty flower. The only thing is that you MUST use Surebonder glue sticks with a Surebonder glue gun. You can’t use any old brand of glue. Totally worth it though. The glue gun runs about $15usd and a pack of 50 glue sticks is around $18usd.

Freezer Paper Notes

I checked every local store I could think of for freezer paper, and in the end I could only get it online.

Using freezer paper is an awesome way to transfer complex patterns to felt. It made cutting out this flower so much easier!

Freezer paper has wax on one side, unlike wax paper which has wax on both sides. DON’T use wax paper!

If you have an inkjet printer, you can put the freezer paper through just like normal.

If you have a laser printer (like me!) then there are a couple extra steps. Laser printers run hotter than inkjet and you could ruin your printer if you’re not careful.

So I trimmed 1/2″ off the top and side of a sheet of freezer paper, then scotch-taped it thoroughly to a plain sheet of computer paper, wax side down. This will protect your printer from any melt-y wax.

Use freezer paper to transfer complicated patterns to your felt

I know it’s really hard to see because it’s white on white. I should have coloured the edges or something. Anyway, I’m sure you can understand what I’ve done. 😛

Now you can download your free felt flower pattern and print it onto your freezer paper.

Use quilter's freezer paper to print this free felt flower pattern

My paper has little specks on it because my scotch tape was covered in pink glitter. Haha! That’ll teach me to keep my tape in the same cupboard as the kids’ art supplies!

(If you don’t want to use freezer paper, that’s totally fine. You can still download and print the pattern on regular computer paper. Cut it out of the paper and scotch tape it directly onto your felt. Cut through the tape and felt simultaneously. Trust me, that’s what I did for years, it works like a charm!)

Ok let’s make flowers!

DIY Felt Flower

To iron the freezer paper to your felt, turn off the steam and cover your felt+paper with a press cloth. Press gently until the paper is adhered to the felt.

Then use a pair of small pointy scissors to cut out the flower, leaves and bottom circle. My scissors are DMC Embroidery scissors.

How to cut out a DIY felt flower using freezer paper

Now you can gently peel the paper off the felt.

Next, add a dab of glue to the start of the flower roll. Place the stamen bundle so that it lines up with the tops of the first petals. Roll the end of felt around the stamen to secure it in place and trim off the extra length of stamen stem.

Now you simply roll the rest of the flower, adding lines of glue as you go!

How to make a DIY Felt Flower hair clip. Tutorial with free pattern download!

How to roll a simple DIY felt flower to make a hair clip

Look how pretty it is!

For this flower, I used Ballerina pink felt and the leaves are Spring Leaf. (Full disclosure, I sell felt on my other site, Wildflower Felt Designs) 🙂

An easy rolled felt flower for making hair clips

Next we add the leaves.

Glue 2 leaves together by overlapping the bottoms. Then glue each set of leaves to either side of the flower.

Adding leaves to a DIY felt flower hair clip

Now we just have to add the clip!

Although, you could use this flower for lots of different things, not just a hair clip. It would look great in a wreath or a bouquet or even a garland. There are so many ways to use felt flowers to pretty up your life!

Ok the clip.

Hold the clip open and add a small line of glue in the groove. Take your felt circle and press it into the glue to secure.

Add a generous amount of glue to the underside of the clip+circle and press it into the bottom of the flower making sure all the glue is adhered.

How to attach a hair clip to a felt flower

All done! Admire your work!

DIY felt flower hair clips tutorial with a free pattern download!

How to make easy felt flower hair clips. Use this free flower pattern to make your own gorgeous felt flowers!

Beautiful and simple rolled felt flower tutorial. Free felt flower pattern and DIY instructions for making hair clips

Don’t forget to grab your free pattern, just click to download it.

And pretty please if you make this flower, share a pic with me!

Happy crafting!



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