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Free printable cute French Valentines. French Valentine's cards for kids. Owl Valentines. Valentins en Français.


Every year. Every year Valentine’s Day sneaks up on me and catches me unprepared! The boys’ birthdays are also in February, so in my defence, it’s a busy month. But here we are. Somehow, with a little panic to kickstart the process, I did manage to come up with a Valentines design in time. So this is a quick post just to share these cute french valentines in case there are other last minute moms out there wondering where to find clever francophone valentines cards. I see you. I got you.

Free printable cute French Valentines. French Valentine's cards for kids. Owl Valentines. Valentins en Français. Download and print these free and super cute French Valentines! A simple and sweet Valentine's Day card for kids to give their friends. Cartes de la Saint-Valentin à imprimer.

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My boys go to a french school. Not french immersion, it’s french school board. French everyone and everything. English stops at the door. But it’s a really wonderful school and I’m so grateful that they are able to attend!

In the past, I have sent english valentine’s cards with the boys, but I always feel weird about it. The school doesn’t insist on French valentines but I’d like to make the effort anyway.  It’s hard to find store-bought valentines written in French in my part of the country. And I never seem to have my you-know-what together enough to order some online ahead of time!

(On that note, if you need some  clever English Valentines, check out what I did last year! They are also available as a free download.)

So this year I designed my own. Yes, I speak French, but not well enough to come up with clever puns all on my own. So my sister (who’s much more French than me) helped me out a little with the copy.

The little owls were actually a free download from Creative Market. Every week they have 6 new free downloads, I’ve gotten tons of fonts and graphics this way!

Feel free to print these valentines off and use them for yourself! Just click here to download.

I got them printed at Staples, on 100 weight cardstock. My home printer just doesn’t handle cardstock well. I printed enough for both boys’ classmates and it cost me around $8.

Free Valentines for kids. Valentins Français

Cute french valentine's day cards. Free printable valentines

Free printable french Valentine's cards


Punny French Valentines. Free printable Valentine's Day cards in French

Here’s the link again to download these cute French Valentines!

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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