Creating a Cozy Outdoor Space

Creating a cozy outdoor space. My design ideas for a boho outdoor space. I'm making a design plan for our new covered deck for the house we're building. Boho deck decor. Cozy design elements for outdoor spaces. I've having fun making design plans for the new house, including this super cozy and unique covered deck!


Our new house is well under way and I’ve been spending some time mentally planning out each room and figuring out where all our stuff is going to go! But one of the spaces that I get to design from scratch is my beautiful covered front deck. I get to dream up everything from furniture to lighting to decor in order to create the perfect cozy outdoor space!

Creating a cozy outdoor space. My design ideas for a boho outdoor space. I'm making a design plan for our new covered deck for the house we're building. Boho deck decor. Cozy design elements for outdoor spaces. I've having fun making design plans for the new house, including this super cozy and unique covered deck!

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Ok, yes, I don’t have an unlimited budget. If you ask my husband, we actually have no budget for this. But that’s not going to stop me from making a plan! I’m going to design my cozy outdoor space now, and purchase the items as I can afford them. As long as I have a vision for the space, it doesn’t matter if I can’t purchase all the elements right out of the gate.

The only patio furniture we currently own is a 4 place dining table and chairs. And they won’t be going on the front deck. In the future we may create a patio space towards the back of the house, so we’ll save the table and chairs for now.

I can hardly wait for my front deck though. It’s a decent size, and completely covered so I won’t roast in the summer sun.  It faces only beautiful trees and I can’t wait to sip my morning tea there!

Basically the front deck will be a place for sitting quietly or hanging out with a drink and a friend. We won’t be dining there, so it doesn’t need a formal table. We will need a comfy sofa or chairs, either a coffee table or end tables, maybe a rug and decor. And some plants probably. If I can keep them alive, lol.


If I had to use a single word to describe my design style, it would be bohemian. So those are the kinds of looks I’m researching for inspiration.

I rounded up these 4 spaces to reference. I love how each of these spaces is unique and airy and full of colour and textures. This is the look I want for my bohemian cozy outdoor space.

Inspiration for a boho deck design

I found it incredibly helpful to round up these inspiration photos to help me focus on what I really want and not get distracted by other styles or designs.

Here’s what my new house currently looks like:

Our beautiful new house build

This gives you a rough idea of how my covered front deck will be situated. Those front left windows are the dining room, and the window on the right is the living room, looking out onto the deck. The deck space is bigger than it looks, but it’s not massive. 🙂

Here are the elements I need to pull together for this look:


I’d really like something super comfy to sit on and stretch out on, maybe even curl up for a cat nap!

I’d love a sectional, but I think it might eat up too much space.  So I guess what I need is a smaller sofa and some accent chairs! I want something unique, I detest all things cookie cutter. So I may end up having to hunt through antique shops or thrift stores. But here are a few options I found that speak to my style.

I’ve searched and searched for accent chairs with a high back and wings so you can pull your legs up and lean back comfortably. Comfort is the key to my cozy outdoor space! These chairs are from Pier 1. I haven’t been able to find seat cushions that aren’t either too plain or too busy, so I will probably make my own.

Comfy side chairs


I think picking out a sofa has been the hardest thing! And I’ll probably change my mind 17 different times before I purchase something.   But I do really love this sofa from Anthropologie.  To be honest, I love everything from Anthropologie. 😀 This sofa is a little pricey, but I’ll keep an eye out for any sales.

I think the curvy metal really complements the curvy accent chairs. Even though they are made with different materials, I think they still go well together.

The prettiest boho sofa for my perfectly cozy outdoor space

A couple of these stools would be great coffee table/end table options that would also provide a little extra seating when needed. These are from Anthropologie too. My love for Anthro runs deep. lol

Multi-purpose outdoor stools and end tables



There will be a light by the door which has already been picked out. But I’d also like to convince my husband that we should hang some string lights for ambiance. He takes issue with string lights, don’t ask me why! Because these are so cute!

I’d like some lantern type decor as well, maybe something for candles to repel the mosquitos in the summer time.

I love these ones from Magnolia

Pretty outdoor lanterns for candles

Or these from Wayfair

Outdoor lanterns for citronella candles

Along with some citronella candles, which I think smell divine!

Civic Numbers

I’ve got my eye on these civic numbers from Target. The mounting bracket and the numbers are sold separately. My husband is a city planner and he insists that the civic numbers must be contrasting to the house. These numbers will stand out against our light blue siding.

Contrasting civic numbers


We are opting for composite decking because I want a deck with zero maintenance for the rest of my life. But I’ve heard that composite can get quite hot in the sun, so I’d like an outdoor rug to put down to avoid burny toes. I like this one from Allmodern, I love that it has lots of white space but also great pops of boho colour!

Pretty outdoor rug for a cozy outdoor space

I think this selection of pillows would complement the rug well, these are Anthropologie and they suit my boho style!

Outdoor pillows

I also love the look of flowing white curtains around a covered porch, I just think they’re so dreamy and romantic!

These are a good price and are weatherproof, find them on Amazon here.



Nothing says cozy like a fire! I’m hoping to get a small firepit to add in as well. Maybe something made from concrete, from somewhere like A concrete fire pit isn’t something that you see all that often, and they’ve got a lovely and sleek small firepit that would be a great fit!


The finishing touches always really bring a design a together. I’ll probably shop around locally for things like hanging planters, cozy blankets and something to hang on the wall.


If you also are trying to design a cozy outdoor space, I recommend finding some inspiration photos and picking out all the similar elements that are drawing your eye. That will help you figure out what you’re really drawn to and what’s important for achieving the style you love. Then have some fun shopping around!



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