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30 Cardboard Box Costumes

Looking for some fun cardboard box costumes for Halloween? Look no further! I've rounded up 30 of the cutest and cleverest costumes you can create using only a cardboard box and some imagination. DIY Halloween costumes for the whole family!

With Halloween just around the corner it’s time to start dreaming up some costume ideas. If your kids are like mine, they will likely change their minds about what they want about 23 times leading up to the day. So you should have a few different options up your sleeve! Since most of us have a couple of boxes lying around at all times, some ideas for cardboard box costumes are good to have on hand. Most of these you can whip up using only scissors, string and paint!

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Looking for some fun cardboard box costumes for Halloween? Look no further! I've rounded up 30 of the cutest and cleverest costumes you can create using only a cardboard box and some imagination. DIY Halloween costumes for the whole family!

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I’m a big believer in the homemade Halloween costume. And not just because I’m an avid crafter and any excuse for a project will do!

Creating a costume can be a family exercise in creativity. Get everyone involved and the kiddos can have a little pride in a costume they helped make. Store bought costumes tend to be cheaply made and will fall apart half-way through the trick or treating anyway.

Yes, I understand that cardboard box costumes aren’t going to last more than one night either, but at least they required a little imagination and effort. You’ll be making memories to last a lifetime!

Because you’ll always remember the year that little Johnny dressed up as a washing machine!

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36 DIY Baby Shower Decorations

DIY Baby Shower Decorations Using Fresh Flowers

Last but not least, I’ve gathered up an epic list of 36 DIY baby shower decorations to round out this baby shower series. I’m certainly feeling ultra prepared to host the next baby shower and I hope you do too! I’ve got one planned in a couple weeks’ time and I’ll be using a lot of the freebies, food and gift ideas that I’ve shared in the past 5 posts. I’m actually really looking forward to putting together the favors with the printable tags I created!

DIY baby shower decorations for a totally gorgeous party! This is the last post in our DIY Baby Shower Series! There are great ideas for DIY backdrops, garlands, balloons, flowers and much more! Baby Shower DIY Decor for the crafty hostess! Includes free printables to make the job easier.

This post is full of DIY ideas for baby shower decor. From garlands to balloons to photo booth and flowers. You name it, I rounded it up! Unless otherwise indicated, every link goes to a tutorial or set of instructions.

Several of these ideas are actually bridal shower diys, but they are totally appropriate for a baby shower too.

I also included a couple of printable freebies that I designed. Mainly because I’ll need them for the shower I’m hosting…but also because I thought you’d like them! 🙂

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4 Baby Shower Menu Ideas

Every good party needs good food! Now that we’ve talked about diy gift ideas, rounded-up all kinds of free baby shower printables and come up with some super cute favor and prize ideas, it’s time to fill up the food table! I’ve created 4 different baby shower menus that I think would be amazingly delicious and leave your guests satisfied!

4 different baby shower menus for creating a super tasty party! Baby shower food that will please the guests and keep everyone happy. Part 4 in a series for creating the perfect diy baby shower. Baby shower menu ideas for a diy party.

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Baby Shower Menu Ideas

I’ve tried to include a variety of food groups in each of these menus. I like to include at least one meat or protein based item to help keep everyone fortified. Sometimes showers are scheduled at odd times and guests may or may not have skipped a meal to attend. It’s a good idea to provide something substantial for them to eat.

Before we dive into all this yumminess I want to remind you to check out the previous post of 9 frugal diy baby shower favor ideas. Each one comes with a free printable thank you tag designed by yours truly. 🙂

Ok, on to the food!

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45+ DIY Baby Shower Gift Ideas

DIY teethers are a great idea for baby shower gifts! 45+ DIY baby shower gift ideas

If you’ve been following along in this DIY Baby Shower Series, we started with 60+ free baby shower printables and we’ve also covered DIY baby shower favors & prizes. Today’s topic is DIY baby shower gift ideas! These are all either free tutorials or come with free patterns. Either way, the only expense to you will be in materials. I tried to pick DIYs that didn’t look too complicated, because often we’re not given a whole lot of notice for a baby shower!

I’ve been having lots of fun putting these posts together and I hope you are enjoying them too! I’m still at an age where lots of my friends are having babies, so I’ve got a few more showers to plan before I’m off the hook.

45+ DIY Baby Shower Gift Ideas for new moms. DIY baby leggings, baby booties, bandana bibs and much more. This great round-up post is full of free patterns and tutorials for adorable DIY baby gifts that mom and babe are sure to treasure for years to come!

A homemade gift is a really sweet way of letting a friend know that you’ve been thinking about them and that you care about them. Creating something from scratch takes time and thought and it is usually met with tears of appreciation. (Pregnancy hormones probably contribute a little to the weepiness, but feel free to take the credit anyway! Lol)

Here are my best picks for some adorable tutorials for diy baby shower gifts.

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DIY Baby Shower Favors & Prizes

Create adorable DIY baby shower favors using these free printable tags!

Hosting a baby shower requires wearing a lot of different hats. You need to coordinate everyone, possibly plan a surprise, organize decorations, prepare food, manage the guest list, organize gifts, plan games AND provide the prizes and favours. Phew. It’s a big job, and can add up quickly in cost. But there’s a lot of DIY you can do to try and save money. These DIY baby shower favors are simple but totally adorable and paired with a free printable thank you tag, they are fairly inexpensive to assemble.

It can be tough to come up with clever and inexpensive party favors. These DIY baby shower favors are just the ticket! Includes 13 different free printable thank you tags to make the job even easier! Baby shower favors for guests that they'll actually want to keep and use!


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If you have a large guest list, the cost of the favours and prizes can really add up. I’ve compiled a list of affordable DIY baby shower favors each with free printable thank you tags to help make the task simpler and cheaper for you. 🙂

You’ll find that I’m a big fan of the mini mason jar. That’s because you can usually purchase 12 of them for around $10, which is a really good deal! I typically find them at Canadian Tire or Home Hardware but Walmart probably has them too. Otherwise you can get them on Amazon here.

I created free printable tags to go with all these favour ideas. I would recommend printing them on cardstock for a little extra durability and structure. They would be cute printed on white or kraft brown. I also made them each in two colours, because I didn’t already have enough to do (lol!) but mainly because I thought that would be extra helpful to you! Enjoy! (If you’re looking for even more free printables, I rounded up over 65 adorable free baby shower printables in this post.)

Create adorable DIY baby shower favors using these free printable tags!

Each of the 13 tags come on a sheet of 12, totally free for you to print!

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