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27 Totally Cool Kitchen Gadgets You Probably Don’t Need

She fills the microwave with steam to make the cleaning process that much more amusing!

I have a confession to make. I do ALOT of online shopping. 😛 As in, I browse around the sale section of certain websites quite regularly. And buy things I probably don’t need.  While I’ve been doing all this browsing I have come across so many cool kitchen gadgets that I thought I needed to compile them into a list. A list of items you probably don’t need either. But it sure is fun to see what’s been invented! We’ve come a long way from the humble and plain gadgets of our parents!

Every find yourself browsing online and stumbling on all sorts of gadgets that are totally unnecessary? Yup, me too. So I compiled 27 cool kitchen gadgets into one list of items you likely have no use for! Haha!

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Cool Kitchen Gadgets

There seems to be a cutesy gadget for just about any kitchen task you can think of! I’ve been bookmarking them for months every time I spot one while shopping. My husband says my bookmarks are getting out of hand! Haha! Considering I have about 30 tabs open right now, it’s not surprising I also have a kajillion bookmarks.

I wanted to share this kitsch-y list so you can also shop for items you really don’t need. I don’t want to be all alone in this!

There’s likely to be more lists in the future….I have a lot of bookmarks to get through….


Piggy Silicon Egg Separator

Squeeeeeze this little piggy to draw out the yolk. Get it on Amazon for $12.96

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45+ DIY Baby Shower Gift Ideas

DIY teethers are a great idea for baby shower gifts! 45+ DIY baby shower gift ideas

If you’ve been following along in this DIY Baby Shower Series, we started with 60+ free baby shower printables and we’ve also covered DIY baby shower favors & prizes. Today’s topic is DIY baby shower gift ideas! These are all either free tutorials or come with free patterns. Either way, the only expense to you will be in materials. I tried to pick DIYs that didn’t look too complicated, because often we’re not given a whole lot of notice for a baby shower!

I’ve been having lots of fun putting these posts together and I hope you are enjoying them too! I’m still at an age where lots of my friends are having babies, so I’ve got a few more showers to plan before I’m off the hook.

45+ DIY Baby Shower Gift Ideas for new moms. DIY baby leggings, baby booties, bandana bibs and much more. This great round-up post is full of free patterns and tutorials for adorable DIY baby gifts that mom and babe are sure to treasure for years to come!

A homemade gift is a really sweet way of letting a friend know that you’ve been thinking about them and that you care about them. Creating something from scratch takes time and thought and it is usually met with tears of appreciation. (Pregnancy hormones probably contribute a little to the weepiness, but feel free to take the credit anyway! Lol)

Here are my best picks for some adorable tutorials for diy baby shower gifts.

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DIY Baby Shower Favors & Prizes

Create adorable DIY baby shower favors using these free printable tags!

Hosting a baby shower requires wearing a lot of different hats. You need to coordinate everyone, possibly plan a surprise, organize decorations, prepare food, manage the guest list, organize gifts, plan games AND provide the prizes and favours. Phew. It’s a big job, and can add up quickly in cost. But there’s a lot of DIY you can do to try and save money. These DIY baby shower favors are simple but totally adorable and paired with a free printable thank you tag, they are fairly inexpensive to assemble.

It can be tough to come up with clever and inexpensive party favors. These DIY baby shower favors are just the ticket! Includes 13 different free printable thank you tags to make the job even easier! Baby shower favors for guests that they'll actually want to keep and use!


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If you have a large guest list, the cost of the favours and prizes can really add up. I’ve compiled a list of affordable DIY baby shower favors each with free printable thank you tags to help make the task simpler and cheaper for you. 🙂

You’ll find that I’m a big fan of the mini mason jar. That’s because you can usually purchase 12 of them for around $10, which is a really good deal! I typically find them at Canadian Tire or Home Hardware but Walmart probably has them too. Otherwise you can get them on Amazon here.

I created free printable tags to go with all these favour ideas. I would recommend printing them on cardstock for a little extra durability and structure. They would be cute printed on white or kraft brown. I also made them each in two colours, because I didn’t already have enough to do (lol!) but mainly because I thought that would be extra helpful to you! Enjoy! (If you’re looking for even more free printables, I rounded up over 65 adorable free baby shower printables in this post.)

Create adorable DIY baby shower favors using these free printable tags!

Each of the 13 tags come on a sheet of 12, totally free for you to print!

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A Mermaid Birthday Party

Mermaid Birthday Party Teal Starfish Headband - Felt Mermaid Headband

A mermaid birthday party is a thing of my dreams! As a kid, all I wanted to be was a mermaid and suspect that’s true for many little (or big) girls now too. I live near the ocean and I love all things nautical, so dreaming up the perfect mermaid birthday party has been loads of fun for me! I rounded up a few of the essential items you’ll need to create a lovely mermaid-themed day for your special little girl.

Would you like to throw an amazing mermaid birthday party? Here's is a roundup of all the mermaid-themed party favors, decor and treats you will need to create an incredible mermaid party!

Why not start the bash off by giving all the girls mermaid names? You could go with the names of Ariel’s sisters in The Little Mermaid or let your imagination run wild. Collect up some fun costume pieces to dress the girls up and prepare a few ocean-themed games or activities. (Pin the leg on the octopus?)

You could plan some cupcake decorating with lots of glitter and sparkly sprinkles and pearls!

Get started by considering the items listed below. They’ve all been carefully curated from some amazing Etsy shops that I know you’ll love as much as me! (And yes, shameless plug, I listed my shop first. Haha)

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8 Eco Friendly Gift Wrap Ideas

Growing up, we were the family that never, EVER ripped the wrapping paper. We carefully peeled away the tape pieces and refolded the paper so it could be used again. I’m pretty sure I had the exact same piece of wrapping paper on my birthday presents for 18 years. My mom is the queen of eco-friendly gift wrap because it literally never got thrown out. But short of recycling the same paper for a couple of decades, here are some really fun diy eco friendly gift wrap ideas!

Are you looking for some beautiful gift wrap alternatives? Try one of these 8 DIY eco friendly gift wrap ideas for your next gift-giving occasion! Flex your creativity with some brown kraft paper eco gift wrap or recycle magazine pages into DIY gift bow toppers. 'Green' wrapping paper alternatives are a great way to create a zero-waste holiday!

Finding creative ways of wrapping presents can really be half the fun of gift-giving! Everyone will ohh and ahh over your efforts and you can save your slice of humble pie for another day. Nobody forgets an occasion where the wrappings were just as amazing as the gifts!

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