28 Birthday Party Favour Ideas for Kids

28 Birthday party favour ideas for kids. Lots of free printables for birthday goodie bags. Awesome non-candy favor ideas for kid's birthday parties. Reach 'super-mom' status with these super-creative treat bag ideas for a kid's party.


One year we made the mistake of not having treat bags at my son’s birthday party. Rivers were cried. And we learned our lesson in a hurry. But the thing with treat bags is that they have to hit 3 points; not contain too much sugar, not cost too much money, and be fun for the recipient. It’s a tall order. So for future reference I’ve rounded up 28 of the best birthday party favour ideas that I could find.  Most of these ideas include free printables, but a few of them will require a little more diy’ing on your part. 

28 Birthday party favour ideas for kids. Lots of free printables for birthday goodie bags. Awesome non-candy favor ideas for kid's birthday parties. Reach 'super-mom' status with these super-creative treat bag ideas for a kid's party.

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I tried to find lots of non-candy options, mainly because it drives me nuts when my boys come home from a party with loot bags full of sugar. I’m not anti-sugar by any means, but things like suckers, fizzy sugar powder, ring pops, etc make my kids go bat shit crazy. Usually little chocolates or cookies don’t affect them too much.

Some of these birthday party favour ideas are actually just a design idea for the bag or a printable topper, you’ll have to come up with the treat ideas.  I usually just cruise through the Dollar store to find some appropriate treat bag fillers. But now I can also reference this post well in advance of future parties to get some more creative ideas! 

Birthday Party Favour Ideas

Birthday party favour ideas for kids

Unicorn Treat Bags – If it were me, I would only put in like 4-5 kisses. Then I’d top it off with some glitter-y stickers or nail polish or a bracelet making kits with sparkly beads.

Rainbow to Go – You can find rainbow twizzlers on Amazon. This topper would also work with a set of markers or paints or fruit loops!

Sip Sip Hooray – Amazon has a variety pack of 40 twisty straws. And they’re totally reusable too, so the sea turtles won’t hate you. 


Birthday party favour ideas

Adopt a Dinosaur – This idea would work with small stuffed animals too depending on your budget. Here’s a cute set of 6 jungle animal stuffies for about $16.

Colourful Favour Tag – You could do these with a small pack of crayons or markers too.  But I did spot the stackable coloured pencils shown on Amazon here.

Art Kit – I love non-candy party favours, especially ones that inspire creativity. The Dollar store has lots of great cheap craft supplies to choose from. My local fabric crafts store has been acquiring a big selection of wood elements too. I would omit the lollipop though. 🙂 


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Party favour ideas for kids birthday

Pirate Loot Bags – These bags would be perfect filled with chocolate gold coins! You can find some red felt on my other website here to make the ‘x’.

Make a Troll Kit – Again, you can likely find everything you need to make a troll at the Dollar store!

Make a Superhero Kit – ditto.


DIY Bowling Party Favour Treat Bag Printables

Bowling Party Treat Bags – I made these for my son’s bowling party. We put a pack of post-it notes, foam stickers, glitter paint, gem stickers, a stamp, pencil and a few treats in them. It was my take on an art kit, working with what I could find at the Dollar store. You can find these toppers and the rest of the free bowling party printables in this post!


Birthday Party Favour Ideas for Kids

Monster Cookie Bag – This is super cute and would be very inexpensive if you made the cookies yourself!

Donut Treat Bags – I think this would work better with a full size donut instead of timbits, but it’s a yummy idea! If you want a non-sugary treat, you could replace the fresh donut with a donut notepad or donut squishy stress ball thing.

Popcorn Bags – Printable popcorn bags for a salty snack instead of sweet!


Birthday Party Favour Ideas

Paw Patrol Doggie Bags – I just think these toppers are so clever!  I wouldn’t fill the bags with jelly beans though, I’m sure you can find some pup-related favour ideas at the Dollar store or on Amazon.

Ninja Turtle Goodie Bags – This is a cute tutorial for the turtle faces that you can stick to some green goodie bags.

Super Mario Goodie Bags – This is just the printable M and L details for sticking to red and green goodie bags. 


Favour Ideas for Kid's Birthdays

Beach Bucket – These are great for a summertime party, you can probably find most of the contents at the Dollar store.

Tool Belts – This doesn’t include a tutorial, but I love the idea. I found a toy tool set on Amazon here that you could split up into multiple tool belts, here’s another one. And here is a 3-pack of canvas tool belts. I would be a little more costly to do this kind of party favour, but it could work for a small party.

Airplane Bubble Wands – I spotted some bubble wands at the Dollar store, but I found some on Amazon too.


Birthday Favour Ideas for Kids

Lego Goodie Bag – This doesn’t come with a printable, but I love the idea of giving a small pack of legos for a Lego party favour. You can purchase a large box of Lego Classic blocks and split it up into multiple treat bags.

Watermelon Favours – This idea is sheer brilliance! You can fill the plate with just about anything, it would be like a mini piñata!

Balloon Animal Treat Bag Toppers – These are cute!


Kid's Birthday Party Ideas

Lego Mini Figure Favour  – These Lego minifigure keychains are perfect. And don’t forget that you can get cashback on Lego purchases through Ebates

R2D2 Favour Box – If you search Amazon for Star Wars Party Favours, there’s literally thousands of ideas. lol

Mermaid Tail Favour Box – You could fill these with a little bracelet making kit, some glitter beads and a stretchy cord and clasp.


Birthday Party Favours for Kids

Minion Goodie Bags – These are really cute!

Glowstick Favours – There are loads of different glow stick styles available these days. I’ve seen light sabers and star wands, something for every kind of party!

Donut Treat Bag Toppers – Again with the cuteness. You could create a mug cake mix with instructions. It gives the kiddos an activity to do when they get home from the party, it’s the favour that keeps on giving!


That’s a wrap on these 28 birthday party favour ideas! Do you have any clever ideas you’d add to the list? Tell me in the comments!

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