4 Baby Shower Menu Ideas

4 different baby shower menus for creating a super tasty party! Baby shower food that will please the guests and keep everyone happy. Part 4 in a series for creating the perfect diy baby shower. Baby shower menu ideas for a diy party.


Every good party needs good food! Now that we’ve talked about diy gift ideas, rounded-up all kinds of free baby shower printables and come up with some super cute favor and prize ideas, it’s time to fill up the food table! I’ve created 4 different baby shower menus that I think would be amazingly delicious and leave your guests satisfied!

4 different baby shower menus for creating a super tasty party! Baby shower food that will please the guests and keep everyone happy. Part 4 in a series for creating the perfect diy baby shower. Baby shower menu ideas for a diy party.

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Baby Shower Menu Ideas

I’ve tried to include a variety of food groups in each of these menus. I like to include at least one meat or protein based item to help keep everyone fortified. Sometimes showers are scheduled at odd times and guests may or may not have skipped a meal to attend. It’s a good idea to provide something substantial for them to eat.

Before we dive into all this yumminess I want to remind you to check out the previous post of 9 frugal diy baby shower favor ideas. Each one comes with a free printable thank you tag designed by yours truly. πŸ™‚

Ok, on to the food!


Menu 1

Baby Shower Menu Ideas for a DIY Baby shower party. 6 options to fill up the food table with delicious treats!I think the Mom-osa bar is so darn cute and clever! You could provide both sparkling apple juice and champagne options.

The cucumber slices are topped with a Boursin cheese mix. I have only just discovered the culinary delight of Boursin and I’m in heaven, I could eat the stuff all day long.

The onesie cake is simply made using a rectangle pan so there’s no need for fancy cake pans!

Onesie Cake – With instructions

Mom-osa Bar  – Picture Only

Cucumber Bites – With Recipe

Confetti Oreos – with instructions

Ham & Cheese Roll Ups – with recipe

Fruit Salsa & Cinamon Chips – with recipe

Menu 2

Baby shower food ideas. Mac & cheese bites, mini pizzas, bruschetta and more! Guests are sure to love these yummy treats!This menu has a little bit of an Italian theme going on, minus the celery bugs of course.

The sugar cookie bars are made in a sheet so they could easily have words iced on the top before they are cut up. I like the idea of bars instead of a cake because you don’t need plates and forks and it’s possible to have just a small piece.

The bruschetta might be a little messier to eat, but so worth it! Look at those bright delicious colours!

The veggie bugs are for the cuteness factor alone. πŸ™‚

Mac & Cheese Bites – with recipe

Bruschetta – with recipe

Chocolate Dipped Wafer Cookies

Mini Pizzas – with recipe

Chewy Sugar Cookie Bars

Veggie Buggies – No instructions, but fairly self-explanitory

Menu 3

Brunch themed appetizers for a diy baby shower. Baby shower menu ideas with recipes and instructions!Brunch theme! If you do make all these goodies, you’re probably setting yourself up to be asked to be the chef at all your friends future showers!

I like the idea of a bacon wrapped potato because it’s not nearly as rich (or costly!) as scallops.

The mini Eggo waffles are a clever idea. You could even put a second one on top of the chicken to turn them into sliders! Just hold it all together with a toothpick.

The cake is technically an Easter bunny cake. But I think it’s totally appropriate for a baby shower too. I lucked out and found a really sweet cake stand at the Dollar Store for $2. But this mint-coloured lace cake stand from Anthropologie is to DIE for!  Maybe if I tell my husband it’s an investment piece for all the baby showers I have to host? πŸ˜›

French Toast Kabobs – with instructions

Mini Waffles & Chicken Bites – with instructions

Bunny Cake – with recipe

Honey Ricotta Peach Crostini – with recipe

Mini Spinach Quiches – with recipe

Bacon Wrapped Potato Bites – with recipe

Menu 4

DIY Baby Shower menu ideas for an unforgettable party!This menu doesn’t really have a theme except these are all things I would absolutely love to eat! I love anything with brie in it and puff pastry is my #4 favourite thing on the planet after my husband and kids.

The donut kabobs would be amazing for a donut-themed party. It’s too bad I didn’t find any free donut printables for the baby shower freebie round-up post. Maybe I’ll have to design some!

I’ve made chocolate dipped mandarin oranges before and I really like them. You get a little crunch on the outside with a pop of juiciness on the inside.

The BLT bites are held together with mini cocktail forks like these ones. I found a pack of 24 at Target for $2.55! How’s that for inexpensive?!

Puff Pastry Cheese Straws – with recipe

Bacon, Walnut & Brie Bites – with recipe

Chocolate Dipped Orange Slices – with recipe

Mini Donut Kabobs – with recipe

BLT Bites – with recipe

Strawberry Jalapeno Salsa – with recipe


What kind of foods have you prepared for parties? What was the biggest crowd pleaser from your baby shower menu?

Happy Cooking!



  1. I love all these ideas… the 3rd one is probably my fav tho! I love the bunny cakes, I just threw a β€œsome bunny is one” birthday with a similar cake, I just love it

  2. This is so cute and a huge help I had a mimosa bar at my baby shower my dad actually poured them haha! If I ever get pregnant again I will use this!

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