5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Garden Space for Children

5 Tips for Creating The Perfect garden space for children


Having an incredible garden for your kids gives them somewhere to learn and grow (Ha! Pun intended!). Not only does a garden look beautiful and spark the imagination, it can teach them so much about plants and crawly critters, and gives them some freedom to play and do what they like. I really believe in having adequate green space for my boys to explore. It’s one of the reasons we are planning a move soon, our yard isn’t quite cutting it anymore. Below, are 5 tips for creating the perfect garden for your kiddos!

5 Tips for Creating The Perfect garden space for children

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  1. Create Different Sections For Different Activities

If you want to create a gorgeous garden for your kids, then you should divide into different sections for different activities. This works well if you have a larger garden and the space to section it off. For example, you can have one section for gardening, one section as a play area, one as a lounging area and so on.

My boys love their sandbox, we could not have a garden without it. In fact, when we were discussing renovating our kitchen, my 4yo suggested putting a sandbox in it. lol! Their sandbox isn’t fancy, it’s just 4 boards nailed together in a rectangle and filled with play sand. But they could dig in there for hours, they love having a section of the garden that’s just for them!

  1. Plant Vegetables, Fruit, And Herbs

Planting vegetables, fruit, and herbs not only makes your garden look super beautiful, but it gives you a fresh supply of salads and snacks for the whole family. Just a few things you can include are sugar snap peas, which are perfect for lunch boxes, leafy greens which are great for homegrown salads, and strawberries because they are so sweetly satisfying! I made a big event out of planting strawberries with the boys last summer and we really enjoyed watching them grow and picking them together. It’s helps them see that there’s a point to all the work.


  1. Keep It Free From Pests – But Welcoming To Friendly Critters

You don’t want your kids to play in a garden full of pesky pests, so consider Organic Pest Control if you have a problem or you want to prevent one from cropping up in the future. However, you don’t want your garden to be completely void of animal life. Inviting in bees, butterflies, and birds can make your garden even more amazing. If you want to do this, the best flowers to include are those that produce pollen for as long as possible.

Don’t be too tidy – keep a patch of grass a little longer and you will attract butterflies and caterpillars. Having a super tidy garden can be great, but inviting in that wildlife can be an incredible experience for a child. We’ve got a woodpecker that visits out big maple tree regularly and we love looking for it when we start hearing the pecking. 🙂 


  1. Create A Fun Play Area

It could be swings and slides, or something more natural. A few stumps of wood that they can climb or ‘chop’ (with plastic shovels) – create a fun play area where your kids can play alone or with other children. Make sure you think about the space you have and your kid’s age before you start filling your garden with play things.

I find that the kiddos quickly lose interest in big plastic toys or equipment, they can go to the local playground for that kind of thing. In our garden they prefer to play with sticks and rocks and dig up worms. And I prefer that too, it’s much better for their imaginations.


  1. Plant Sunflowers

Sunflowers are a popular choice for a kid’s garden project because they grow quickly and they grow tall. Plus, kids enjoy the bright yellow and orange leaves. Having a large patch of sunflowers or even just a few at the bottom of your garden can make it look even more beautiful and give kids something more interesting to look at. I’ve ordered some beautiful sunflower seeds from Vesseys to plant in the spring.


How would you create the perfect garden for your kids? Leave a comment below if you have some suggestions!


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