30 Journal Prompts for Moms

30 journal prompts for moms. Life with little ones can be very busy. Keep your thoughts and emotions organized and documented by journaling! Journal prompts are a great way to get started journaling when your mind is drawing a blank.


It’s been decades since my ‘dear diary’ days but the general concept of keeping a journal is still a good one. While I’m not a regular entry writer, it is most helpful for me when I’m going through a difficult time and I need somewhere to organize my thoughts. The most successful bout of journaling I’ve had is when I had a journal with prompts in it. So I went searching online for good journal prompts for moms but I didn’t have much luck. So I sat down and came up with my own list. I hope you also find it helpful!

30 journal prompts for moms. Life with little ones can be very busy. Keep your thoughts and emotions organized and documented by journaling! Journal prompts are a great way to get started journaling when your mind is drawing a blank.

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I turned the list into a pretty printable so you can keep it tucked inside your journal for quick reference!

I tried to make these journal prompts reusable so that you can go back to them month after month.

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Journal Prompts For Moms

  1. The best part of my day & why
  2. One thing I would like to accomplish in the next 30 days
  3. The most dreaded part of my day & why
  4. 7 things I’m grateful for from the past week
  5. I wish I was better at ___
  6. One way I can use my talents to benefit my family
  7. A financial goal for the next month
  8. 3 ways to bloom where I am planted
  9. Best recent show or movie I’ve seen & why I’m drawn to it
  10. A relationship in my life I’d like to improve
  11. I feel most relaxed when…
  12. I feel most stressed when…
  13. A movie or book character I can relate to
  14. A quality I really value in myself
  15. A quality I really value in my child
  16. An aspect of my health that needs attention
  17. A recent loving thing I did for myself & why it was needed
  18. A recent disagreement with someone and what I learned
  19. A recent compliment I received and how it made me feel
  20. Something I’m really looking forward to in the next 30 days
  21. A recent news event and how I felt about it
  22. Something I could do to be more neighbourly
  23. A way I can help my child grow in confidence
  24. A way in which I wish my child was more independent
  25. A mom-friendship I really value & why
  26. Something I wish I had more time for
  27. A recent dream that troubled me & how it made me feel
  28. An aspect of parenting that I’m really good at
  29. The love languages of my children
  30. How I show my kids I love them


Why You Should Consider Journaling

I find getting things out of my head and onto some paper can be really beneficial to my state of mind. It kind of means that I can stop thinking about it because it’s been documented and I don’t need to use precious brain space remembering it or fretting.

I’m a bit compulsive about keeping lists, to-do lists, shopping lists, things to remember etc. I can pretty much make a list about anything.

But I tend to forget to write down my thoughts and feelings because it takes a little more effort than simply writing a list. And for some reason I always think I need to be formal when I’m journaling, as if anyone is going to read it but me! 😀

Journaling is a really good way to sort out your thoughts and make sense of how you’re feeling. It can also help you re-organize your priorities when life seems to get in the way and you get overwhelmed with just surviving.


Journaling as a Form of Prayer

A lot of people like to journal during prayer time. I think it’s a great opportunity to write down everything you’re grateful for. These journal prompts for moms may help you compose some prayers for your children and family members.

Journaling is also a great way to document your reflections if you also use a bible during your prayer time.

With all the things we busy moms have going on in our lives, it’s no wonder that when we finally get a moment for prayer we just draw a big blank. Try journaling to help get you started and your thoughts flowing.


Get a Pretty Journal

Treat yourself to a pretty book. You deserve something nice! And a pretty journal might help entice you to find time to write some entries. A plain jane notebook could kill your inspiration.

Try to pick something that can slip into your purse without adding a ton of weight. A hard cover book will make it easier to write when you’re on the go.

A pretty book will be a lovely addition to your bookcase once it’s filled up. You may end up with a whole shelf full of the history of your life!

Here are some fun notebooks I’ve found:


And here’s a great collection of 500 delightful journaling stickers!

You can also get similar sticker books in shades of blue and in monochromatic tones.

Finding Time to Journal

I get it, we’re all very busy moms. Finding time to do yet another task can just seem plain impossible.

But journaling doesn’t need to take up a lot of time. 5-10 minutes a day should do the trick for penning a few thoughts. You don’t need to write the next great American novel or anything!

Try finding a few moments during these times:

  • Before you turn off the lights for the night.
  • While you’re eating breakfast or lunch.
  • While you’re waiting in the doctor’s office.
  • At the library while the kids play.
  • Show up 10 minutes early for a coffee date.
  • While you’re stuck in traffic.


Pretty printable list of journal prompts for moms


It will be really interesting a few years down the road to look back at the thoughts you had during this busy season of your life. Journaling is a great way to gauge how far you’ve come and what you’ve learned along the way.

Do you journal? If not, what’s stopping you? Tell me in the comments!

Happy writing!

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