27 Totally Cool Kitchen Gadgets You Probably Don’t Need

Ever find yourself browsing online and stumbling on all sorts of gadgets that are totally unnecessary? Yup, me too. So I compiled 27 cool kitchen gadgets into one list of items you likely have no use for! Haha!


I have a confession to make. I do ALOT of online shopping. 😛 As in, I browse around the sale section of certain websites quite regularly. And buy things I probably don’t need.  While I’ve been doing all this browsing I have come across so many cool kitchen gadgets that I thought I needed to compile them into a list. A list of items you probably don’t need either. But it sure is fun to see what’s been invented! We’ve come a long way from the humble and plain gadgets of our parents!

Every find yourself browsing online and stumbling on all sorts of gadgets that are totally unnecessary? Yup, me too. So I compiled 27 cool kitchen gadgets into one list of items you likely have no use for! Haha!

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Cool Kitchen Gadgets

There seems to be a cutesy gadget for just about any kitchen task you can think of! I’ve been bookmarking them for months every time I spot one while shopping. My husband says my bookmarks are getting out of hand! Haha! Considering I have about 30 tabs open right now, it’s not surprising I also have a kajillion bookmarks.

I wanted to share this kitsch-y list so you can also shop for items you really don’t need. I don’t want to be all alone in this!

There’s likely to be more lists in the future….I have a lot of bookmarks to get through….


Piggy Silicon Egg Separator

Squeeeeeze this little piggy to draw out the yolk. Get it on Amazon for $12.96

Jungle Leaf Spoon

The most cheerful slotted spoon you’ll ever own. At Urban Outfitters for $22


Snail Tea Bag Holder

Colourful set of 5 critters to stop your tea bag from falling into the cup. Get them on Amazon for $3.75.

I actually always just let my tea bag fall in the cup. Turns out I don’t have the energy to care. Is that bad?!


Cactus Citrus Juicer

Whip up some guacamole with this ceramic on-trend juicer! Available on Modcloth for $18


Shark Fin Ice Cube Tray

You should probably watch Jaws while you sip a cocktail with sharks swimming in it. On Amazon for $1.98


Garlic Storage House

This is way cuter than using a mason jar! Found on UnCommon Goods for $25.

I pretty consistently have to throw away 3/4 of a bulb of garlic because it’s gotten gross before I had a chance to use it. Maybe that wouldn’t happen with proper storage? Anyone know?


Skull Boiled Egg Mold

This is possibly the most unnecessary kitchen gadget I’ve ever come across. Lol! Why on earth would you want your boiled egg to look like a skull?!  On Amazon for $8.99.

It would be a great gag gift I suppose!


Dino Taco Holder

Such a helpful little dinosaur!

Now this I would totally use. My son loooves tacos but gets super frustrated trying to eat them. We’ve all been there. Dino to the rescue! Found on Modcloth for $12.


Little Alien Veggie Keeper

Turns an onion into art!

It would make me so happy to open the fridge and see this guy standing inside. Found on Amazon for $13.20


Radish Shaper

Easily turn radishes into mushrooms! Why? Why not?!


I don’t know about you, but I NEVER eat radishes unless they look like mushrooms. Get it at Animi Causa for $11.99.


Axe Pizza Cutter

Cut your pizzas like a boss with this gadget! Get it on Amazon for $6.58


Rainbow Avocado Cutting Board

Rainbow avocado cutting board. Just what every millennial needs!

Everyone needs a good cutting board, it might as well have multicoloured avocados on it! For the trendy millennial At Urban Outfitters for $44.


Egg Monster Bread Cutter

Breakfast has never been better!

Who wouldn’t want their breakfast to look like this?! Get it on Amazon for $7.99.


T-Rex Wine Pourer

Stay classy with this dinosaur wine pourer!

Impress your guests with your class and fanciness! Found on Modcloth for $22.


Rocket Potato Masher

Your dinner will be out of this world! (And good luck cleaning the potato out of the grooves!)  On Amazon for $15.30.


Ceramic Octopus Measuring Cups

Ceramic Octopus measuring cups for your nautical kitchen!

I’m not much for actually measuring ingredients, but this guy would look kinda cool sitting on my counter! At World Market for $6.58.


Carrot Whisk

It’s a carrot whisk. There’s really nothing more to say. Get it on Amazon for $7.99.


Llama Tea Infuser

Steep the perfect cup with a little help from a llama!

This no-drama llama just wants to help you steep the perfect cup! Found at Urban Outfitters for $12.


Squirrel Rice Spoon

It’s little paws keep your spoon from touching the counter! Now that’s clever! On Amazon for $6.29.


Artist’s Palette Cheese Tray

Artist's palette cheese tray for hosting creative parties!

This would certainly be a conversation starter at an awkward party you got roped into hosting! Found at West Elm for $32.95.


Toothpig Toothpick Dispenser

When you need a toothpick, why not get one out of a pig’s nose? Found on Amazon for $12.


Mug with a Hoop

Basketball hoop mug

Because Moms everywhere have been wondering how to make breakfast time even longer and messier. Get it (or don’t) on Uncommon Goods for $24.


Whale Egg Slicer

Because slicing up an egg is too damn difficult. I’d rather spend 45 minutes searching for this contraption at the back of the cupboard. Found on Amazon for $15.30.


Drumstick Herb Infuser

Add flavour to your soups with this classy gadget!

For adding flavour to soups and stews and adding to your dirty dishes at the same time. Just don’t mistake it for the dog’s chew toy. On Animi Causa for $14.99.


Death Star Waffle Maker

This is an epic way to prepare breakfast. I like the idea of a round waffle! Found on Amazon for $39.99.


Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner

She fills the microwave with steam to make the cleaning process that much more amusing!

I need this in my life right now. Steam comes out the top of her head, just like real life! Found at The Container Store for $13.77.


Cake & Salad Saw

A hilariously unnecessary cake cutter upper. Take bets on how many minutes it will take your kids to start using it against their siblings! Found on Amazon for $10.49.


That’s it for now. But tell me, which of the cool kitchen gadgets on this list would you deem the most unnecessary?!



  1. I love the garlic house, the pizza cutter, and the carrot whisk. The artist’s palette cheese tray is really neat! We already use a container for garlic and go through it pretty quickly, but proper storage can definitely help prolong the freshness of the garlic.

  2. You’re right. I don’t need any of this stuff, but I got a great laugh at some of these products. The microwave cleaner, really! Ha, and the wine cork with the dino on top. Ha ha.

  3. Oh, I love this!!!! We just did a major purge of our kitchen and that included chunking most of the single-use items. I am enjoying the more minimalist kitchen but I confess…that ax pizza cutter is calling my name for Family Movie Night!!! 😉

  4. Oh my gosh – this has got to be the most fun blog post I have read in a really really long time! Thank you for the laughs, and the impulse purchase dreaming. I love the ANGRY MAMA MICROWAVE CLEANER. Now that would motivate me to clean my microwave a lot more consistently (maybe like every night after work!)

  5. Wow! Such a diverse array of items, while very creative, are really unnecessary in a kitchen! I have noticed when I am in a kitchen section of a store just how many such items exist and have wondered who has room in their kitchen or the initiative to purchase them!

  6. I love the axe pizza cutter and the mug with a hoop! Haha, definitely not things you need but it adds so much fun! I bought my husband a laser cutting pizza cutter a few years ago for his birthday and now every time we take pizza out of the oven, we have to turn all the lights off so he can use his laser cutter for cutting pizza! Lol 🙂

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