25 Christmas Gift Ideas to Make and Sew

25 amazing tutorials and DIYs for handmade Christmas gifts. Treat your loved ones to extra special diy Christmas gifts this year. Cozy, cute and simple Christmas gift ideas to make and sew.


It’s no secret, I love making stuff. Useful stuff, pretty stuff, stuff to gift. It makes me happy! So every year I plan at least one or two handmade Christmas gifts, plus a new decor item for my collection. Homemade gifts are the best in my opinion, so I rounded up this handy list of 25 Christmas gift ideas to make and sew. 🙂

25 amazing tutorials and DIYs for handmade Christmas gifts. Treat your loved ones to extra special diy Christmas gifts this year. Cozy, cute and simple Christmas gift ideas to make and sew.

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These Christmas gift ideas are all either free tutorials or patterns, all you need is the materials. 🙂

A lot of these ideas could work year-round too, not just as Christmas gifts. I picked some that are super Christmas-y but many would be great birthday gifts!

If you’re interested in some simple Christmas craft ideas too, check out this round-up post of 21 easy holiday diys!

And part 2 of this series is here: 25 Unique Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas

Let’s get crafting!

25 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas


1. Holiday Floating Signs

I love this minimalist decor style. Plus you don’t have to use Christmas-specific verbiage if you would rather have it be suitable for year-round display!

DIY Christmas gift ideas, floating framed text


2. Rosemary Citrus Soap

Everyone uses soap. I’m a big fan of gifts that are either consumable or that are experiences. You know that sweet smelling soap is not going to go to waste or just add to the clutter of someone’s home.

A simple and sweet diy gift idea, rosemary and citrus handmade soap


3. Flannel & Fur Blanket


Beautiful and cozy homemade blanket of flannel and fur!


4. Re-Purposed Sweater Pillows

Pair these with the fur and flannel blanket and you’ll be the favourite gift-giver this year for sure!

Repurposed sweater pillow diy

5. Glitter Bath Bombs

Glitter can make anything fancy.

DIY Christmas Gift ideas, glitter bath bombs

6. DIY Tangrams

This is a great diy gift idea for children. You could even include a few cards with outline shapes for them to fill in.

DIY Gift for Kids, handmade tangrams

7. Crushed Glass Coasters

These are just so shimmery pretty! For the friend who does not approve of rings on the coffee table.

Super fun and pretty DIY crushed glass coasters

8. Dip Dyed Candlesticks

A simple idea with a big wow factor!

Pretty dip dyed candlesitcks. DIY Christmas gift ideas

9. Cozy Crochet Ankle Warmers

These do up pretty quickly and are a super cozy gift for someone who runs cold in the winter months! (Like me, lol) I wrote up a free tutorial for these crochet ankle warmers. 🙂

Getting cozy with diy crochet ankle warmers. Free pattern and instructions for these cute leg warmers!

10. Wood Tree Mason Jar Sconce

You’d really have to know a person’s decor style to pull this one off, but I think it’s really classy!

DIY wood sconce. Christmas tree mason jar sconce tutorial

11. Crochet Snowflake

String these into a pretty garland to hang across the mantle or on the tree.

Cute crochet snowflake DIY. Easy Christmas gift ideas

12. Mommy & Me Infinity Scarves

I need more bobble fringe in my life. 🙂

Cozy infinity scarf tutorial. DIY Mommy & me Christmas scarves

13. Painted Wood Bowls

This is a great upcycled gift idea. Frugal and fancy!

Painted wood bowls tutorial. Simple Christmas gift ideas

14. Stuffed Deer

Another great idea for a child’s Christmas gift. The tutorial is free!

DIY Gifts for kids. Christmas gift ideas for kids, DIY stuffed Deer tutorial

15. Sweater Weather Mugs

Pair this mug with a homemade hot chocolate mix for extra thoughtfulness.

DIY decorated winter themed mugs

16. Concrete Jewellery

I love simple long necklaces, I’m sure someone on your list does too!

Christmas gift ideas, diy concrete necklace tutorial

17. Quilted Mug Rug

This project would be a great way to use up some scraps from your stash!

Quilted Mug Rug Tutorial

18. Beeswax Candles

A classic gift that you easily give to just about anyone. I’m thinking teachers, distant cousins, hair dresser, the boss. Pretty much anyone.

25 Christmas gift ideas, rolled beeswax candles

19. Popcorn Ball Kits

Gift these with a movie or itunes gift card!

Popcorn ball kits, DIY Christmas gift ideas for kids

20. Mini Framed Weaving

Another great way to use up some scraps from your stash! Let’s face it, crafters have multiple stashes that are all overflowing. 😛

Pretty framed mini weaving DIY

21. Felt Ball Coasters

If you need a supplier for all things wool felt, I’m your girl. Check out my felt supply shop at Wildflower Felt Designs. Yes, I have felt balls so you can make these adorable coasters!

DIY Wool Felt ball coasters

22. Apron

If you have a cricut cutter you could add a fun graphic or saying to the front of this apron.

DIY Apron tutorial, Christmas gift ideas

23. Perpetual Calendar

Crafty and useful!

DIY Perpetual Calendar.

24. Zipper Pouch

I love that these pouches sit flat rather than upright. Perfect for a crafty friend with lots of sewing notions. Or these could work for makeup brushes too!

DIY Zipper pouch tutorial. Christmas gift ideas for quilters

25. Clay Ring Dish

I love the monochromatic design and gold painted edge of this ring dish!

Cute handmade Christmas gift ideas, DIY clay ring dish


Basically I want to make everything on this list. (Besides the ankle warmers, which I already made and wear constantly!)

I think homemade gifts are so special, and the time you take to make them is always appreciated.

If you need an eco-friendly way to wrap your handmade gift, check out this DIY post for Reusable Fabric Gift Bags!

So that’s a wrap on this year’s 25 Christmas gift ideas to make and sew. I think I’ll be turning this into an annual post so you’ll have fresh ideas to come back to year after year! (Update: Part 2 is here! Now there are 50 gift ideas to choose from!)

Which crafty project in this list is your fave? 🙂 I love the fur blanket and crochet snowflakes!

ps. Don’t forget to check out my round-up of 21 easy Christmas crafts!

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25 Unique Handmade Christmas Gift Ideas to Make or Sew. Craft up some beautiful gifts from this list of 25 amazing ideas. Homemade gift ideas on a budget. Unique gift ideas to make for friends and family. DIY Christmas gift ideas on a budget.



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