20 Super Cute Repurposed T-Shirt DIYs

20 super cute repurposed t-shirt diys! Upcycle your old tees into home decor, adorable accessories and practical baby items. Repurposed t-shirt diys are a great way to practice zero waste and make use of clothes that still have a little life left in them!


Recently I’ve been doing some research on textile recycling. I’m continually trying to make zero-waste decisions in my life and figuring out what to do with old clothes and linens is one of them. The statistics about how many textiles end up in landfills are fairly appalling. 🙁 Most of us have a few sad or too-small t-shirts stuffed into the backs of our dressers. So rather than send them to the landfill or have to part with sentimental items, I’ve rounded up 20 repurposed t-shirt DIYs. So we can craft our way to a happier planet!

20 super cute repurposed t-shirt diys! Upcycle your old tees into home decor, adorable accessories and practical baby items. Repurposed t-shirt diys are a great way to practice zero waste and make use of clothes that still have a little life left in them!

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Some of these projects would be great ways to save t-shirts that have meaning to you but that you don’t wear anymore. Like concert tees, or the t-shirts from your camp counsellor days.

I love these repurposed t-shirt DIYs because A. they keep some textiles out of the landfill and B. they are super frugal.

It’s too easy to run out to the mall or go online and give in to consumerism culture. Gone are the days of making the most of what we already have.

I’m on a bit of a personal journey towards minimalism and simplifying and I’m at the stage where I’m physically stopping myself from engaging in retail therapy to sooth my complex emotions. I really don’t have the money or the space for that nonsense anymore. Maybe you don’t either. So let’s do this together. Finding ways to re-love the belongings we already have and saving money to pursue the dreams that really matter. One t-shirt at a time!

Ok, enough about me. Here’s the roundup!

Home Decor

My personal decor style is a boho chic kind of look. These home decor repurposed t-shirt DIYs are right up my alley! Those tassels would be really cute as curtain ties, eh?!

Use old t-shirts to craft some fun DIY home decor. Boho home decor out of repurposed t-shirts!

Hanging Plant Basket – I’d totally try this if I wasn’t such a plant-killer.
Pillow Covers – Awesome for sentimental tees!
Wrapped Wreath
Woven Rug – I think making this would have great therapeutic value!
Dreamcatcher – How pretty is this?! My favourite embroidery hoops are the bamboo ones. I get mine at Michaels but you can get them here on Amazon too.


Upcycled T-Shirt Accessories

Take an old wearable and turn it into a new wearable! These would all be great gifts too.

Repurpose old t-shirts into useful and pretty DIY accessories. 20 of the best and cutest repurposed t-shirt DIYs to keep you crafty and chic! These are great DIY gift ideas too.

Reversible Cowl – I designed this cowl, it’s really simple to make and very cozy. And it uses up some yarn from your stash!
Flower Ring – You could even sew some glass seed beads or pretty recycled sequins in the folds for extra sparkle!
Infinity Scarf – That colour of green is divine! <3
Braided Necklaces – This could be a great kids project.
Braided Belts – For the boho babe!
Shoelaces – So cute!
Jewellery – There are several tutorials for repurposed t-shirt jewellery items in this post.
Rose Flower Brooches – These would really dress up a winter coat.


These clothing DIYs are beyond adorable. That kimono is calling my name! I’m pretty much always wearing a cardigan or other cozy top layer. Layering is my jam. I will definitely need to try that one out.

DIY Upcycled Clothing from repurposed t-shirts

Kimono – How cozy does this look?! You could use an oversize tee for this one.
Boot Socks – I wish I could pull off boot socks, other people make them look so cute.  But I think my calves are too thick or something. lol
Undies – I’ve never made my own underwear before, but this tutorial sure makes me want to give it a try!
Skirt – It would be fun to try block printing on a plain t-shirt for this upcycled t-shirt project.


Repurposed Kid Items

It can be really hard to part with adorable clothing your babies have worn. That’s why I wrote this post: 30 Ways to Upcycle Baby Clothes. 

Now these projects could be made either with your own repurposed t-shirts or with clothing the kiddos have grown out of.

Upcycled Tshirts can be turned into useful DIY baby items!

Dino Stuffie – This is a cute way to use a t-shirt that your kiddo might not want to part with.
Diaper Cover – It’s unlikely you’ll keep this after your child is done using it, so maybe stick with t-shirts that have no sentimental value to you.
Beanies – A baby in a beanie is the cutest thing!
Bunnies – You can find lots of tutorials for sock animals and other stuffie ideas on Pinterest too.
Backpack – Great for your kiddo’s gym clothes or outdoor adventures! My boys always need a vessel to stash their collections of rocks and sticks.


What repurposed t-shirt DIYs have you tried lately? Tell me in the comments, I’m always on the look out for fresh ideas!

Happy upcycling!





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