19 Must-Have Succulent Home Goods

Succulents are a lovely and easy way to add some very low maintenance greenery to your home decor. These 19 succulent home goods are a great place to start!


The hardy little succulent is a fantastic decor piece for those of us who are not horticulturally inclined. *cough* me *cough* I’m a totally hopeless gardener but I love the idea of having some greenery around the house. Thankfully the live succulent can usually survive even my harsh care plus there are a number of faux succulent home goods that can add that pop of life I’m looking for in my home. Here are some of my favourite finds!

Succulents are a lovely and easy way to add some very low maintenance greenery to your home decor. These 19 succulent home goods are a great place to start!

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Almost all of these items are under $30 and many are under $15! I particularly love the embroidered pillow and the happy planters. Any of these would be a fantastic house warming or hostess gift too. You just can’t go wrong with the trusty succulent!

19 must-have succulent home goods to add some greenery to your home

  1. Watercolour Succulents Wall Art – Set of 3
  2. Decorative Tray
  3. Embroidered Desert Cactus Lumbar Pillow
  4. Cactus Fragrance Oil Diffuser
  5. Little Book of Cacti and Other Succulents
  6. Cacti & Succulents Journals
  7. “Life is Good” Framed Succulent Wall Art
  8. “Make Today Amazing” Wall Canvas
  9. Happy Face Faux Succulent Planters – Set of 3

Lovely succulent home goods

  1. 10. Pink Llama Faux Succulent Pot
    11. 2-Photo Frame
    12. Notecards
    13. Succulent Plush Throw
    14. Koala Planter
    15. Customized Notebook or Planner
    16. ‘My Succulent Garden’ Framed Poster – 12″x18″
    17. Napkin Rings – Set of 3
    18. Weekly Plan Notepad

19. Last but not least, my own felt succulent hoops. Each one I make is one of a kind, for that reason I don’t have them listed in the shop. (But I’m more than happy to accommodate custom requests!) I love picking out fun fabrics for these, I’m designing more hoop art that requires cotton prints, mainly because I love to shop for fabric! šŸ™‚

Succulent Hoop Art by The Yellow Birdhouse. Made with Wool Felt, Cotton Fabrics and Bamboo Embroidery Hoops


What’s your favourite item on this list?



  1. Oh my gosh the planters and the stationary are screaming at me! When I finally get my new house I’ll have to add these cuties for a bit of color and joy – you have excellent taste buy the way!

  2. I have not joined the succulent fan club yet, but these cute items make it a tempting thing to get in to! My favorite is the koala planter!

  3. Your hoop art is the best! Succulents are some of my favorite plants. I have one in a pot outside, and it dies down a little in the winter but comes back beautiful year after year! I have noticed lately that even the Dollar Tree sells little mini faux succulents!

  4. I’ve been really into succulents for the past year. I bought a real succulent plant last summer at Target that I keep in my kitchen window. It’s in a gold pot and I love it. I even bought a fake little succulent plant for my Spring decor. I love the little pops of greenery in my home. I love the decorative tray and the llama succulent plant is fun. My youngest loves the Llama Llama Red Pajamas book.

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