18 Gift Ideas for New Moms

Moms need to know that they're not forgotten. Here are 18 gift ideas for new moms to help them feel loved and supported. Gifts just for moms. Pretty & useful items that a new mom would really appreciate. Baby shower gift ideas.


There’s nothing quite like the intense emotional roller-coaster of becoming a mom.  It’s a mess of hormones and overwhelm and feeling terrified and exhausted and being totally enamoured with your new baby.  It’s probably all of the best feelings and all of the worst feelings all wrapped into one.  If you have a dear friend or family member who has just welcomed their first baby, there are so many ways in which you can help out.  Don’t be scared to help! And if you don’t want to show up empty-handed, here is a list of 18 super thoughtful gift ideas for new moms who are in need of a little love and support!

Moms need to know that they're not forgotten. Here are 18 gift ideas for new moms to help them feel loved and supported. Gifts just for moms. Pretty & useful items that a new mom would really appreciate. Baby shower gift ideas.

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After the baby shower and the in laws and the sweet church ladies have provided the new baby with everything he could possibly need, it’s nice to surprise mom with a gift of her own to let her know she’s not forgotten.

Motherhood can be very lonely and a little show of love from a friend can really go a long way.

Gift Ideas for New Moms


1. Cozy Nursing Sweater

Mom is going to be awake at all hours of the night feeding her little one, a cozy nursing sweater might really hit the spot!  Many modern nursing tops are cleverly designed to not be so obvious, so even if mama decides to go the formula route, she could still make use of the sweater.

All moms need decent clothing. A cute nursing sweater is a thoughtful and cozy gift for a new mom!

This super cozy number is available here.


2. Jewellery

Moms notoriously don’t have much time to spend on themselves.  An easy to wear necklace or bracelet can quickly jazz up an outfit and lift her mood! Teething jewellery has become quite stylish lately and serves a double purpose.  But my personal favourite jewellery comes from Penny + Grace because it is super light and delicate and adds a touch of whimsy to your day.

Gift some pretty and delicate accessories to a new mom who might not be feeling her very best.


3. Socks

Again with the midnight feedings, a fun pair of socks or cozy woolen ones would likely be appreciated!  Woven Pear has the funnest socks I’ve ever seen and I want them all! I need to find a way to cleverly leave their site open on my husband’s computer…

Socks are always a good idea. Moms who are up in the middle of the night to feed the baby need something cozy on their feet!


4. Framed Photo

Locate a photo (or take one yourself) of mom with her new baby.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, well-lit or particularly flattering.  What matters is capturing that unexplainable connection between them.  Have the photo framed so that she has a beautiful reminder of the magic that is holding her newborn.

My favourite photo of me and my first son was taken in the hospital by my mom.  I was cuddling him and I looked terrible and I wasn’t wearing much. But there’s something about the picture, the emotion it captures, that is raw and beautiful.  I’ve never shown the picture to anyone, it’s precious and it’s just for me. 🙂


5. Tea

Lots of tea, because she’ll have to make several cups before she actually gets to drink one while it’s still hot.  Go to a fancy tea store to get something different, not just what you can find at the grocery store.  Or try clicking here for some ideas.


6. Slippers

Actually slippers would be a great gift for before the baby is born.  That way mom has something cozy to pad around the hospital in!  I’m seriously loving these adorable sheep slippers!


7. A Massage

Book mom a massage and go with her so you can snuggle with the baby in the waiting room.  That way mom won’t be stressed out about being too far away and baby can get fed immediately before or after the appointment.


8. Nursing Scarf

I so wish I had had a pretty nursing scarf when I was nursing my babies!  I awkwardly used a nursing cover but my second son hated it.  (And, I never left the house with my first, that’s a whole other story!)  A nursing scarf draws no attention and also dresses up an outfit, win win!

Nursing scarves are so great because you are already wearing them, and don't have to fuss around trying to cover up. Great gift for new moms

9. Hobby Materials

Don’t let mom forget the things she loves to do.  Encourage her pursuit of hobbies.  If she’s a knitter, get her some fancy yarn.  If she loves to bake, how about a new recipe book. It’s all too easy for moms to lose their sense of identity, so reminding her that she has interests outside of motherhood would be doing her a big favour.


10. Food Box

Showing up with a home-cooked casserole is never a bad idea.  But sometimes there’s an easier way that should just be embraced.  Send along a box of pre-measured ingredients for healthy meals that can be prepared at mom’s convenience.  I recommend Hello Fresh to basically everyone who will stand still long enough to listen, it has made my life so much easier!   Use this link to score $40 off your first box!


11. Towels

It’s nice for moms to have a nice fluffy towel of their own that has not yet been used to mop up baby puke.  Bonus points for a fun print!  I spotted some at Home Sense the other day that had a moustache print with pink edging!

12. Blanket

One of my favourite gifts was a little lap blanket that my Grandma knit for me when my son was born.  It’s just big enough to keep me cozy without being cumbersome.  Perfect for draping over a mama’s shoulders during a midnight feeding!

If you’re crafty you could crochet or quilt a small blanket.

This post has 45 more DIY gift ideas if you prefer giving a homemade gift!


13. Subscription Box

How about a gift that keeps on giving during the hardest months of motherhood?  Who doesn’t love a surprise snail mail gift?!  Woven Pear , Hello Fresh and Penny + Grace are both subscription services. But there are literally a bajillion other subscriptions out there! Just do a quick google search and you’ll likely find loads of options.


14. Pretty Diaper Bag

I used to believe that all diaper bags were supposed to be hideous, utilitarian type luggage.  Now there are so many better options.  But they can feel like a luxury to a mom on a budget, so it would be a lovely surprise from a friend!



15. Trip to the Hair Salon

Get a gift card or book her a hair appointment.  Then go with her and sit with baby in the waiting room.  A fresh hair cut goes a long way to making a tired mama feel human again! It’s certainly one of those things that new moms don’t feel they have time for or can justify leaving their baby for. So it’s really important that you tag along so baby can come too and mom will avoid any of that troublesome ‘mommy guilt’.


16. Flowers & Chocolate

You can’t go wrong with flowers and chocolate. But mainly chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate.


17. Boxes of Healthy Snacks

It’s so hard for a new mom to find time to shower or eat, let alone eat something nutritious!  Provide a selection of healthy snacks that can be eaten one-handed in a hurry! (This is to balance out the consumption of all that chocolate. lol!)


18. Funny Mug

Because sometimes the truth is funnier if it’s written on a mug.

What else would you add to the list?



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