17 Easy Science Experiments for Kids Using Household Items

A round up of 17 simple science experiments for kids. Foster their love of learning all while using household items! Perfect rainy day activities for kids.


When we’re stuck indoors on a rainy weekend we are always trying to find activities to entertain the kids using things we already have at home.  But usually we end up on our computers for 30 minutes trying to find ideas!  So I thought I’d do a round up post of easy science experiments for kids that only require household ingredients.

A round up of 17 easy science experiments for kids. Foster their love of learning all while using household items! Perfect rainy day activities for kids.

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Easy Science Experiments for Kids

These experiments are best suited for 3-6 year olds I think.  But honestly I really like them, so maybe they’re for all ages!  I’ve included any of the ingredients that you may or may not have on hand so you can easily pick an experiment that you can do right away!

1. Shaving Cream Rain Clouds

Learn about how rain is made or just have fun mixing pretty colours!
You’ll need shaving cream and food colouring.
From: One Little Project at a Time

2. Growing Gummy Bears

Compare the difference between using plain and salt water to grow gummy bears.
You’ll need salt and gummy bears.
From: Play Dough to Plato

3. Walking Rainbow

Watch as colours travel through paper towels to mix in the next jar.
You’ll need food colouring and paper towels.
From: Steam Powered Family

4. Dish Soap Silly Putty

It’s not quite liquid and not quite solid, but lots of fun! The colour of the putty will depend on the colour of the dish soap you use.
You’ll need dish soap (or shampoo) and cornstarch.
From: One Little Project

5. Salt Crystal Apples

You could easily make different shapes with this simple experiment!
You’ll need pipe cleaners and salt.
From: Schooling a Monkey

6. The Science of Yeast

Discover how yeast works.
You’ll need balloons and active dry yeast.
From: Play Dough to Plato

7. Hatch a Dinosaur Egg

This is such a fantastic idea!  And a great alternative to the standard volcano.
You’ll need, small toys or objects, baking soda, food colouring and vinegar.
From: Sunshine and Hurricanes

8. Growing Rock Candy

Grow your own rock candy and your kids will love you forever!  😀
You’ll need lots of sugar, skewers or candy sticks and food colouring.  For edible experiments you may want to look into natural food colouring.  You may also want candy flavouring.
From: Growing a Jeweled Rose

9. Oobleck

My mom used to make this for us as kids, I didn’t know it had a proper name though, we just called it goop! We made this a couple weekends ago and my 5yo spent over 2 hours playing with it. Major success!
You’ll need cornstarch and food colouring.
From: Babble Dabble Do

10. Ocean Currents

Learn how ocean currents work!
You’ll need food colouring.
From: Life Over C’s

11. Rainbow Paper

Make pretty paper then turn into another craft!
You’ll need black paper and clear nail polish.
From: Science Kiddo

12. Constellation Flashlight

My son loves learning about space, so this will be a great way to teach him about constellations!
You’ll need a flashlight, black paper and black paint.
From: Handmade Charlotte

13. Dancing Worms

This is another fun variation on the classic baking soda and vinegar experiment.
You’ll need gummy worms, vinegar and baking soda.
From: Play Dough to Plato

14. Make Pennies Turn Green

Learn about chemical reactions and make observations with a free printable.
You’ll need copper pennies and vinegar.
From: Buggy and Buddy

15. Mentos Geyser

Who doesn’t love a good explosion?
You’ll need a 2L bottle of dark coloured soda and a pack of Mentos.
From: I Can Teach My Child

16. Disappearing Eggshell

Is there anything vinegar can’t do?!
You’ll need a mason jar with a lid, eggs and vinegar.
From: Premeditated Leftovers

17. Chromatography

These instructions call for a canvas tote bag, but I think a piece of cotton fabric would work too.
You’ll need fabric, black water based markers and rubbing alcohol.
From: Babble Dabble Do


Which of these looks like the most fun?!  I can’t wait to try the dino eggs!

Happy Experimenting!



  1. Thank you for this post! My five year old wants to be a scientist when he grows up, so we do a lot of science experiments in our house. I love the rainclouds, goop, and constellations.

    1. Yes! So many times I’ve wanted to do fun stuff like this but the project requires such specialized ingredients. I love that I have most of the items required for these experiments already in my cupboards!

  2. This list is outstanding!! I love the rain clouds and the walking rainbow! It’s my daughter’s birthday this week and we may have to try these with her friends!

    1. I love that it’s a super inexpensive activity, you can just grab a couple cans of shaving cream from the dollar store! Have fun with the birthday celebrations!

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