12 DIY Halloween Decorations for Kids

12 DIY Halloween Decorations for Kids to Make. Spooky tutorials for all ages. Have some Halloween fun with these easy DIY decor ideas. Let the kiddos decorate the house with their own festive DIY Halloween decor!


I remember one Halloween when I was about 8 or 9, I emptied an entire box of kleenex to make as many tiny tissue ghosts as I could. I think I even hung them out in our big apple tree. Unfortunately they didn’t make much of an impact once it was dark out. But we didn’t have Pinterest back then to give us loads of clever ideas! My 9 year old self thanks me for this fun round up of easy DIY Halloween decorations for kids to make. She also wishes Pinterest had been invented sooner. 😀

12 DIY Halloween Decorations for Kids to Make. Spooky tutorials for all ages. Have some Halloween fun with these easy DIY decor ideas. Let the kiddos decorate the house with their own festive DIY Halloween decor!

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I think Halloween is one holiday that begs to be homemade. I’m alllll about the homemade costumes and I appreciate any excuse to make spooky treats!

There’s something so extra festive about getting the kids involved in preparing for Halloween. From pumpkin carving to costume selecting, they might as well help with the decor too!

Here are 12 awesome DIY Halloween decorations for kids to make to decorate the yard and house!

DIY Halloween Decorations for Kids

1. Tin Can Ghost Windsock

Save up a few coffee cans and make a treeful of these spooky cuties.

12 DIY Halloween Decorations - Tin can ghost. Upcycled Halloween decor

Tutorial by Chicken Scratch NY

2. Decorative Witch’s Broom

This is kind of a 2 in 1 project since you can take the kiddos out for a nature walk to collect little branches and grasses. I love that this is a zero waste kind of craft too!

DIY Witch's broom tutorial, DIY Halloween decor

Tutorial from A Piece of Rainbow

3. Wall o’Bats

All you need is some black construction paper or cardstock to make a flying trail of bats through your home.

Halloween decor ideas, paper bats tutorial for a wall of spookiness!

DIY by Marvelous Mommy

4. Eyeball Wreath

I think this would be really fun if you used a variety of google eye sizes and colours. Plus if you store it carefully you can use it year after year!

Googly eye ping pong ball Halloween wreath

Tutorial by Number 2 Pencil

5. Trash Bag Spiderweb

I love DIY projects that can be made with household items, no extra money spent! Plus it means you can create this spiderweb during a last minute craft time when you’re desperate for an activity to occupy the kiddos.

DIY Halloween Decor for Kids, trash bag spider web tutorial

Instructions by Fast Forward Fun

6. Ghost Tassels

This project is a good way to use up some leftover bits of yarn from your stash. Use up what you’ve got and make a variety of ghosts, fat or skinny, short or tall, white or multi-coloured!

Cute little ghost yarn tassels, DIY Halloween decor

DIY by My Name Is Snickerdoodle

7. Candy Corn Banner

There’s something oddly satisfying about a project that uses up all the materials, one plate makes 6 candy corn wedges.

Easy Halloween craft for kids, DIY candy corn paper plate bunting

Tutorial from Iriemade

8. Fanged Mini Pumpkins

I can’t even handle how cute these are!

Decorate with these spooky and adorable mini fanged pumpkins!

Instructions from Martha Stewart

9. Wooden Spoon Bats

Again with the cuteness!

Adorable wooden spoon bats, fun Halloween craft for kids.

Tutorial from One Little Project

10. Giant Pom Pom Spiders

This one looks particularly vicious, I think I’d make friendlier versions! lol

DIY Giant paper pom pom spiders

DIY by Party Delights

11. Eyeball Paper Plate Garland

A little creepy perhaps, but still fun and easy for kiddos to make and hang around the house.

Halloween decor ideas for kids, paper plate eyeball garland

Tutorial by Paging Supermom

12. Felt Decorated Pumpkins

Using felt is my favourite way to craft! You can find all the felt you need in my shop www.wildflowerfeltdesigns.com . The kitty pumpkin is my favourite!

Easy felt decorated faux pumpkins

Instructions from Lia Griffith

My boys love when we craft together, I thought they’d get tired of it, but they don’t! They still get excited when I call them to the table to make stuff. 🙂

This year we will be between homes during Halloween, but if we weren’t we’d definitely be making some giant spiders and spiderwebs!

What are you crafting this year for Halloween?

ps. If you need some last minute costume ideas, I got you covered with 34 of them here!



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