11 Incredible Edible Play Dough, Silly Putty & Slime Recipes

A roundup of 11 recipes for taste-safe & edible play dough, clay, silly putty and slime. Play dough recipes using kitchen staples as ingredients. Never worry about your little ones putting these in their mouths!


When my 5yo starts to get a little wild and restless, I mix up a batch of cornstarch, water and food colouring and he’ll be happy and quiet for at least an hour! I remember playing with the same concoction as a kid, we sat on a big plastic sheet and made a huge mess with it!

So I started trying to find new goop recipes we could try just to mix it up a little. (see what I did there? mix it up? haha) What I’ve found is that there a ton of ideas for non-toxic & edible play dough, slime, goop or whatever you want to call it.

Here are my top 12 choices.

A roundup of 11 recipes for taste-safe & edible play dough, clay, silly putty and slime. Play dough recipes using kitchen staples as ingredients. Never worry about your little ones putting these in their mouths!

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The following recipes could be categorized as slime, goop, silly putty, clay or play dough. They vary in consistency but the main point is that they are fun to make and will entertain your kiddos on a rainy day.

Even though the recipes are taste-safe, always supervise when kids are playing with them.

I haven’t personally tested every recipe listed here, but we are working through them! I ran out of cornstarch again, I need to track down a larger container because we go through it so fast!

A lot of slime recipes out there call for borax or liquid starch which I am hesitant to use in recipes kids will be playing with. However I’ll admit that I haven’t done a lot of research on the subject, so I won’t comment one way or the other on if they are safe to use or not.

But there are so many slime recipes that are either edible, taste-safe or at least don’t contain borax that I’m going to err on the side of caution and just not use it. Taste-safe means that yes, you could technically eat a mix of cornstarch and yoghurt, but I’m gonna take a wild guess and assume that it doesn’t taste so good. Your toddler may disagree though. 😀

My 3yo doesn’t like getting his hands dirty so sometimes when I mix up a batch of goop, I’ll put some in a ziploc bag for him to play with, mess-free!

Every time we play with anything goopy or doughy or messy, we bust out our silicon play mat. I love it because it helps keep some of the mess off the table and it is so grippy that the bowl or dough ball won’t slide around which helps avoid frustration. We happened to get our silicon play mat in one of our Kiwi Crate boxes, but I found something similar on Amazon, here.


Cornstarch Goop (Ooblek)

This one is my go-to, I don’t even really measure anymore. I just mix cornstarch and water until the consistency is fun, but the general rule is 2 parts cornstarch and 1 part water. I find that as it is played with, it loses moisture. So I add a few drops of water at a time when it starts to look a little dry.

This stuff is super fun because it turns into a solid (ish) when squeezed or pressed, but as soon as you loosen the pressure it goes all liquid-y again. It’s very addicting to play with!

DIY oobleck goop

Get the full instructions from Babble Dabble Do, here.


Yoghurt ‘Dough’

We tried this one too and it was a hit!  I found I had to play around with the measurements though, I needed extra cornstarch. We used vanilla yoghurt and it smelled delicious! Way better than that play doh smell!

Edible Yoghurt Play Dough

Get the full recipe from Smart School House, here.

Lemon Pie ‘Silly Putty’

We had fun experimenting and coming up with this recipe for a deliciously edible, 3-ingredient lemon pie silly putty. It smells divine. My son regularly asks to make it!  Find the recipe here.

Edible 3-ingredient lemon pie silly putty


Marshmallow ‘Dough’

This recipe is so intriguing! We are trying it next. Apparently it does not require cooking, just  microwaving, but the dough does get kinda sticky.

Edible Marshmallow Play Dough

Find the recipe from One Little Project, here.


Pudding Slime

I bet this smells amazing depending on what flavour of pudding you choose!

Edible Pudding Play Dough

Get the recipe from The Soccer Mom Blog, here.


Gummy Bear Slime

I wonder if this would work with other types of gummy candy? Like off-brand leftover Halloween gummy treats?! Hmm….

Gummy Bear Slime

Get the recipe from In The Kids Kitchen, here.

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‘Edible’ Jello Silly Putty

I suspect this is very similar to the pudding slime, but there’s more colour and flavour options!

Edible Jello Silly Putty

Grab the recipe from The Soccer Mom Blog, here.


Starburst Slime

This is apparently clay-like in consistency, so it might be too stiff for really little ones to play with. But it sure is pretty!

Starburst Candy Slime

Snag the recipe from Teach Beside Me, here.


Peanut Butter Play Dough

How are you supposed to NOT eat this?! Somehow I don’t think this will make it from the mixing bowl to the play table.

Edible Peanut Butter Play Dough

Get the recipe from Conserva Mom, here.


Nutella Clay

O.M.GOODNESS! Yes yes yes yes yes!

Nutella Chocolate Play Dough

Get the recipe from Growing a Jeweled Rose, here.


Gingerbread Play Dough

Essentially this is a cookie recipe without any eggs. But I bet it smells amazing! I wonder how well it would work to create Christmas ornaments with?

Gingerbread Play Dough

Grab the recipe from Simple Play Ideas, here.


Applesauce Goop

I wonder what would happen if you used icing sugar instead of cornstarch? A yummy snack perhaps?! This is very similar to the basic goop/oobleck recipe, just with an added touch of applesauce. 🙂

Applesauce Goop

Get the recipe from Little Bins for Little Hands, here.

I can’t wait to try the rest of these recipes!

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Do you have any edible play dough or slime recipes to share?

Happy Playing!

ps. We love our kiwi crate boxes!



  1. I had no idea there were so many variations of slime and goo! My daughter loves goo, but we haven’t made an edible version. Will need to try a few of these!

  2. This came at the perfect time. My five year old has become obsessed with playdough. I’m going to pull this up for him to review with me this weekend. Thanks!!!

  3. I would love to make the pudding slime just for the smell! The Starburst one is really pretty, but you are right I think it would be difficult to handle for little ones. I am saving this page on my toolbar and pinning this to be used for a rainy or wintery day.

  4. Mind blow!!!! My daughters are obsessed with making slime but it never even occurred to me to make it edible! I think I know what we are doing for her birthday this month!

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